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  1. I decided to use the XML setup provided by TheTominator. THANK YOU!!! I've got it working for a few fields!!! I am about to set up the other 100 now -) I changed it a bit so that I could store the necessary files in container fields and then export them to the Temporary folder (this wasn't possible in 6). I also changed the XSL so that it did not need to use the Web at all, it simply opens the Sample fdf file through Acrobat 9. Thanks again. Really appreciate it!!!
  2. Also, if I export the field contents to a text.fdf file and then copy and paste the contents onto an fdf file created by Adobe Acrobat 9 pro, I can then open up the doc and see the data from FileMaker as part of the form.
  3. Is there any way to clean up the line endings without using a plug-in? I have the correct format for an fdf file calculating in a field in FM but the problem is when I export field contents from FileMaker and save with an fdf extension Adobe does not recognize it. I know I have the right format because if I simply copy & paste the field contents into BBEdit and then save as fdf I can open the file in Adobe.
  4. When you export the field contents do you change the extension to fdf? I have changed the name in the fdf file to match the name of a pdf form that I have on my desktop and then tried to export the field contents with an .fdf extension and then open with Adobe Reader and Acrobat but it says that the file is damaged... any ideas?
  5. Hello all, My details I have a file called Meetings and created a self-join relationship to a file called Mychild. The problem arose when I created a portal in Meetings that went to Mychild. I then created a field in the portal that is Mychild::Title. The field does not show in the portal, I also made the field into a button that would go to the layout Action Items. The button does not work, the field seems invisible. After reading the entry level portal post I thought the problem could be because there is no data in Mychild. Could this be the case? How would I get data into Mychild? thanks in advance, Christian
  6. ciarliera

    Outline in FM

    ok, so i was in the wrong view!! thanks!
  7. ciarliera

    Outline in FM

    Hello, I think this template (http://www.fmfiles.com/enduserbus5.html) could work for my needs. Thanks for your guidance. I have a question about it. In the lists layout how do you set it up sot that all of the records are visible? When I create a new record it makes a new page but i cannot see all of them listed on the lists layout. Why is that and how can I fix it? thank you! Christian
  8. ciarliera

    Outline in FM

    This link (http://www.fmfiles.com/enduserbus5.html) proved to be extremely helpful. It has inspired me to ask a new question: what and how do you create a selfjoined relationship? Christian
  9. ciarliera

    Outline in FM

    In FileMaker Pro 6 I am creating a database that will track meeting minutes, agendas, action items, attendees, etc. I plan on dividing up the layout into different sections according to the different departments of our Real Estate company, for example Business Development, Sales, Closing Department. Within those sections I would like to have an outline in which the outline numbers or letters are created by FM upon prompting by the user as with Word outlines. Is this possible?
  10. We have set up a portal through a relationship from one file (called Leads) to a file named Line Items. The records in Line items were initially created through yet another portal through the file Orders. Line items are related to Orders through the field Order Number. When they are created a field called Account Number is populated with a Lookup. The file Leads has a portal into Line Items using the field Account Number. When I enter an account number in Leads some but not all of the records in Line Items appear. In every case, the missing records have a different Order Number than the records that appear although Order Number is not used in the relationship between Leads and Line Items. What gives? The portal seems to be filtering out certain Order Numbers and we don't know why. In the name of full disclosure, while initially creating the file Leads we created a relationship to Orders based on Order Number and subsequently deleted this relationship. [color:"black"]
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