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    ODBC problems

    Hello, somebody can help me please? I have been a migration FileMaker 10 to 11 Pro and I have some problems with the ODBC with “.ASP”. The old queries do not work. I use Any SQL maestro to make the queries, but some queries do not have some of text fields”. Even, if they worked before (with version 10). With this version of ODBC our web pages ASP do not work properly. We use FileMaker ODBC driver Version: We use Windows 7 for development. The web server test is "IIS" and FileMaker Pro Advanced 11. We use Dreamweaver for ASP Web pages development. In the server machine we have “IIS” too and FileMaker Server. Last Saturday (before the migration process FileMaker) everything was ok; the query’s was ok too. After migration process many query’s doesn’t work properly and the web pages has the same problem, especially with text fields or calculated fields. If we use "LEFT JOIN", the query does not have some text fields of second table. If anyone can help us we will appreciate. Thakyou and have a nice day.
  2. Hello Cobaltsky Thank you for your reply. The sub-summary on a list layout is interesting I will work with this! Thank you..
  3. I apologize for using all caps. When I sent the message, I was not paying attention to my font. Thank you for the reply.

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