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  1. I am publishing my filemaker database as a webpage, but I find that my navigation buttons no longer work along with the buttons attached to "send mail" scripts. Are there web specific scripts that I need to be using or do these functions not work for web based databases? --magilla
  2. How can I return a filepath of an image in a container to a field? Is this possible with relationships? I also need to set another field based on the name of the images - which classifies the type of image, such as "brick_building.bmp" would return "brick" into the category field. --magilla
  3. magilla

    Error - on field selection

    I have a field hooked to a value list, when I select the value using any method (radio, pop-up etc) I get this error: "This field is defined to contain only specific values. Allow this value?" I don't understand why it's doing this, any help greatly appreciated. --magilla
  4. magilla

    Value list causing crash

    I edited a value list's name, this caused the file to crash when I try to use, delete or edit the value list. The field shows up in the browser saying "value list missing" - I recovered and it reported no errors, but I can't remove or edit the offending value list. Any help greatly appreciated. -magilla
  5. magilla

    File with damaged Value List

    Just had the same thing happen to me - don't really want to start over again - even the day's work will be a pain to re-create. What happens if it does it again? Surely there is a solution to this. --magilla

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