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  1. hello, when i insert a show message line in a script. and allow user to abort on. Why when i hit the esc. button does it continue to go through the scripte when i hit the esc button? thanks Corey
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    Importing data

    Hello, I have two databases (pricing databases) which were identical 2 years ago. (has price breakdowns for different quanities of a product). One database (database a) is current in these fields the other is not (database :. However i have a lot of linked pictures in database b and don't want to loose these. Therefore, what type of script could i do to take the pricing data from (database a), and bring it into (database : without deleteing the current container fields. There are probably alot of new records that were created in database a, that are not in database b. Any help would be greatly appretiated. Thanks Corey

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