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    doing a find on a calculation field

    Did you ever find an answer to this problem? I'm having a similar issue where the calc field is returning correct results... but when I do a FIND, it comes up with seemingly random records. On a sidenote, this database is being shared over a network. I'm on a remote machine. I discovered that the machine that's hosting the file comes up with the correct results when doing the same FIND. Any ideas? DYL
  2. I'll give this a try but it stinks that FM7 can't just move those images along with the rest of the Data in each record.
  3. I have a database in FM6 that I'm attempting to convert to FM7. When I opened/converted the database in FM7, the embedded images (container fields) did not come across. I tried several more times, but with no luck. Any ideas?
  4. were you able to work out a "table of contents" solution?
  5. schmaper

    Tiny font issue - 7 & 8 pt (not smoothing)

    That answers my question. Thank you so much!
  6. schmaper

    Tiny font issue - 7 & 8 pt (not smoothing)

    Have you heard anything else about this font/cursor issue? I'm having the same problem where there's several spaces after the text (see point 1).

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