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  1. I have experienced the same issue. My user account has full access to the files and when I use the full access password to login to a hosted db I can NOT modify any fields, I can NOT access the password administration, I can NOT view, modify, nor delete value list. All I can do is browse records. When I try to modify a field, the DB alerts me that the field is not modifyable. Anyone have any other ideas? Also note that when working locally on the db I have no problems with the above mentioned items.
  2. I have worked on a FM database locally with no issues. When I log in with a password that has full access I can create, modify all fields, delete records no problem. After deploying the database(which comprises of 4 separate db files) to the server, NONE of the passwords in the database can modify any fields nor can they create any records including the full access one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sam

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