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  1. I am writing an Applescript which finds data in a FileMaker Pro 5 database. Mac OS 9.2.2 My question: Is it possible to do a search in Filemaker from an Applescript, which applies the functionality of Filemaker's Special Find Operators, such as the double equal "== " ? For example in Filemaker if one does a search with a pair of equal signs (==) in front of the text being searched for, that search will return only exact "field content matches" for that search: So a search for "== car" would return only fields which contain only the word... "car" and not would not return a field which contained... "car door" Is there language to execute such a search from an Applescript in Filemaker? Thanks All, MK PS: I tried inserting the two equal signs into the search criterea inside Applescript as text... show (every record of database "Data" whose cell "SearchField" is equal to "==" & _SearchText_ ) ... this method failed. _________________ M Kelly This question was also posted at the MacScripter BBS

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