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  1. Thank you for your reply and yes, I mean the plain-old(est), non-pro version. I have not been able to locate that thread you mentioned after an exhaustive (at least I'm exhausted) search in the archives, using every relevant keyword combination I could think of. If you (or someone out there) could help me locate that thread you refer to I would be most grateful (wish this was experts-exchange so I could give points!). Btw, I had expected having to locate an older Mac version, but the question is which version would be most likely to offer both v1 conversion and cross platform compatibility (perhaps I need more than one older Mac version?). Thanks, Bj
  2. Hey there, I have in my hands copies of filemaker files, made with version 1.0 on Macintosh (yes, ancient stuff , I must convert those to the most current version. The question is how to do that? Because of my optimistic nature I tried to open them with the latest Windows version but it refused to do so, so it seems I would have to do this incrementally, from version 1.0 -> ?? -> ?? -> current (Windows). Can anyone here help me figure out which versions of FM I need to be able to do this? With thanks in advance Bj

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