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  1. I'm sorry I didn't include the code in my original post. I really appreciate anyone's willingness to help . The problem is weird. The search works fine in all browsers if you click the find button at the bottom of the search page. But if you press the return or enter key after entering a search parameter in the text field, Netscape and Explorer return no records found, while Safari returns the correct search results. Here's the code: <FORM ACTION="FMPro" METHOD="POST"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" Name="-db" Value="catalog.fp5"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" Name="-lay" Value="detail"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" Name="-error" Value="CS_R_E.html"> <TR VALIGN=TOP ALIGN=LEFT> <TD class="text10"><BR> <B>Keywords:</B> </TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN=TOP ALIGN=LEFT> <TD class="text10"> <SELECT NAME="-op" class="text10"> <OPTION>equals <OPTION>not equals <OPTION SELECTED>contains <OPTION>begins with <OPTION>ends with </SELECT> <INPUT NAME="Keywords" VALUE="" TYPE="text" SIZE=30 MAXLENGTH=255> </TD> </TR> <TR> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-max" VALUE="10"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-format" VALUE="CS_R.html"> <TD class="text10"><BR> <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="-find" VALUE="Find" class="text10"> <INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear" class="text10"> </TD> </TR> </FORM>
  2. We are using CDML in form tags to allow the web user to do a search on a FM database. We're hosting on an e-Mac running OSX 10.2.8 and FM 6.04 Unlimited, and using web companion as the sole webserver (we get less than 1000 hits a week). We allow the web user to enter text into a form text field which we use as a search parameter. The submit does a find and then returns the results to a format html file. (We've followed the CDML examples) Here's the problem: Safari returns results correctly. Explorer returns 0 records found. Anything we should be looking at particular to Explorer? The code has been checked and rechecked. Any one have an idea? Thanks for your help. I'm a newbie to this forum.
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