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  1. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. It worked, thank you for your help. LaRetta, thank you also. Both of you have a great day. Love this forum. 🙂
  2. Still not sure why it is not working. I can get it to work on Windows 10. But I am trying to stay with my MAC, since I really like it. So I should not be putting the "imagemac:" & Get (DocumentsPath) & "Photos/" & Film::title & ".jpg" in the Auto enter calculation? So how do I run it? I have 715 pictures right now so I would really like to be able to get them to auto fill. I already have the database built with all the information of each film, just need the container to fill the image that is related to that particular movie. The posters are stored in a directory call
  3. Still not getting this to work. I uploaded a small example of the database. I have the pictures in a folder called Photos and it is in the Documents folder. I cannot seem to get it to show the pictures. Thank you for looking at it. ClassicMovies_DB upload.fmp12
  4. I am sorry that it took so long to answer. I had thought I sent a thank you, but does not look like it, sorry. I am still not getting the this to work. Should I be changing something in the ImagePath calculation? I have the Photo folder in the document directory. Thank you.
  5. I have always developed with FileMaker for windows. I have bought myself a MacBook Air and love it. So now I am using FileMaker 16 Pro advance for MAC. I know that MAC does not label their directories like windows does. So I am having problems figuring out to get the right coding to access my photos. I have a folder called "Photos" that reside on the C: drive in windows. Then I reference that folder so pictures will populate automatically when I put in a record. Here is what I have on the windows fileMaker: ImagePath: Let ( [ // Transform the contents of a container field named Imag
  6. Awesome, that worked great. Thank you very much for your patience and help. Have a great holiday!
  7. Thank you. I attached a file so you can see what is going on. I am also having problems with the Director field. You can see where the name dropped down a space. If there is more than one director it then does the same thing as the actor field. Thank you for your help. FMForumUpload.fmp12
  8. Yes, it is one field in one record. It is a movie database and the field is the actor field. So in my edit box it shows the names one after the other in a vertical format. I want it on one line. I put your code in the actor field in Calculated value under manage database but nothing happened. Was that the correct way to do it? Thank you.
  9. I have a field that holds names, normally four names separated by commas. But right now they are aligned like this: John Doe, Jane Doe, Billy Doe, Jo Doe I need to have them listed on one line such as this: John Doe, Jane Doe, Billy Doe, Jo Doe I tried importing from a CSV and an EXCEL sheet and it still comes out vertical. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  10. Excellent that worked great but now that led me to another problem I did not realize I had because I imported these records off of an EXCEL spreadsheet. When making a new record is there a way to add those same "USE" criteria in the one field that uses a drop down from the value set or would it be better to just make that a regular edit box? Would that work? Thank you.
  11. I have a value set that goes to a field called "USE" the value set has the following: Patriotic, Contest, Concert, Festival, Broadway, Popular, Folksong, Christmas, Spiritual, Novelty and Mandrigal Is there a way to be able to highlight more than one of these "USE" and do a search? Example: I want to search the database for a Christmas song that is also a Broadway Play and a Festival piece? Christmas and Broadway and Festival. Can this be done with a drop down box? I cannot seem to be able to do this with the Find Operators. Thank you.
  12. Is it possible to create a custom menu but keep the find that Filemaker incorporates? The one by the "Delete Record" I cannot seem to find it when I create a custom menu. I really like that Search feature so I would not have to create custom ones. Thank you. Let me rephrase this. Why does the Find Icon go grey in the status bar when you use a custom menu. I cannot seem to get it to work in a custom menu.
  13. Thank you. I am having them put their Excel file in the same directory and folder where this database will be installed. I will try this. Again thank you.
  14. Ok, here is what I am trying to explain. The database is built for other people to download. I will not be there to be able to import for them. So if a person gets my database and has an EXCEL spreadsheet of their library I am giving them the option to import into their new database via a script. But I noticed on their initial database that if they do not understand that it already imported that they will click on the import button again and now they have doubled their imports. Does that make sense? I will then have a script where they can update their database by Excel if they want later on w
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