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  1. I'm not sure conceptually how to do what I'd like to do in databases...essentially, there is a body of data that is linked to latitude and longitude that when the two numbers are given it returns average household income, demographic breakdown, etc. In programming you could use a sparse matrix or two-dimensional array or something...but in databases (particularly filemaker) how could you design something that given those two coordinates would return the record with the appropriate statistical data?
  2. I'm very new to dbases and what-not, but have had experience as a programmer and was hoping/wondering whether this would be possible...I am working on updating a mailing list database for a nonprofit and wanted to keep track of the donations individuals made. My hope was to have as a part of the main mailing list dbase a subdbase with fields like date donated, amount donated, etc. and let the user browsing through records be able to look through donation records as well. is something like this possible? how so? in programming speak, this would be a node in a list of some variety with one of its elements being a list as well.

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