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    GCC Elite 12 printer issue

    I will reply to myself and add another piece of the puzzle: Everything works fine with OSX 10.3.3, build 7F44 and Darwin Kernel 7.3.0. The machines having the printer issues are Build 7G22 and Darwin Kernel 7.3.1. I have informed Apple and GCC Printers Whatever was changed for the new 1.25 ghz eMacs has "broken" a successful print cycle.
  2. zumajohn

    GCC Elite 12 printer issue

    FM Server 5.5v4 20,000+ record database. 20 networked users. Recent upgrades to eMacs (G4) from iMac (G3). Everything that used to print in OS 9 does ok Except monthly billing statements. But, they print from some computers at some locations. All locations (5) have identical GCC Elite 12 printers with latest ROM upgrades, latest drivers, etc. One office switched to an HP laser and the statements printed fine. The printer resets when the print command is issued (scripted, no user interface)--literally, watch the LCD status go from "receivng data" to blank, to "initializing" and out comes the startup page. One computer "fixed" itself after an unistall/reinstall of 6.0.4. Tried that on another and still have the printer problem. Done Disk Warrior, Tech Tool, Repair permissions, etc, etc. Anyone?
  3. There was a Macintosh calendar program called InControl that could import data from FM. It was written about 15 years ago (for System 4?) , still runs on system 9 (), but the office I work for is going all OS X. There is no "translator" to get the calendar data into Now Up-to Date (that I have found). I am going to try to convince my boss (using your demo) that there is a way to keep some of the functions of InControl without re-training his staff. (Attain software, who did InControl, is defunct. Did they get sold? )

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