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  1. Holy moly, talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill... which I knew I was doing, yet couldn't stop myself. Thanks so much! I'd be embarassed if I wasn't so relieved to have it resolved so neatly.
  2. Can't Delete Layout

    Thanks so much for the suggestions and information... I truly appreciate it.
  3. Not sure of the correct way to do this... Ideally I'd like to have a single field in which I enter text and if I don't enter any text (i.e., it's left empty) it reads "not applicable." I won't even try to describe the ways I've failed... can someone give me some ideas on how to succeed? Please and thanks.
  4. Can't Delete Layout

    No, there are other layouts... I'm stumped.
  5. Can't Delete Layout

    Using Trial Version of Pro 10, hosted up for IWP, with one other person updating via web. While I was working in layouts (via program, not web) something glitched (hosting?) resulting in a freeze up. Had to exit and re-open. Now the layout I was working on is blank, no fields, etc. and I can't delete. I would appreciate any thoughts.
  6. Layout Listing Names in Table View?

    Just in case there are other novice users who search this topic; the fix for my particular problem was... resize the table column to view properly. Ugh.
  7. Layout Listing Names in Table View?

    Calc isn't the issue...I can't get it to view as described: Adam, John Brown, Jack Doe, Joe etc. I'm still working on it.
  8. Layout Listing Names in Table View?

    Ugh, why am I so brain dead. Maybe, I'm going about it all wrong. I have a calc field that = last name, first name (one name for each unique record). I want to create a layout that shows up as: Adam, John Brown, Jack Doe, Joe etc. Should I be setting up differently?
  9. Layout Listing Names in Table View?

    Okay, got it to show up... but instead of showing up where the field is placed (in body, to right of a graphic), it's showing up on far left with no other layout components? A bit more help?
  10. Layout Listing Names in Table View?

    I want to create a layout that lists individual names in a permanent table view. I know it's simple, but I can only get one name to show up at a time. Assistance please?
  11. Others Can't Access IWP

    Thank you! I did get it working... but ended up opting for hosting, which was a far better approach. Again, many thanks.
  12. I have read and tried to figure out for myself, but must be missing something obvious... I IWPed using FM Pro 10 Trial, which I was assured had no limitations. I can access via browser by ISP from originating computer, as well as from non-originating laptop (granted, they both use the same wireless internet connection), but my test person trying to access from their computer, can't access at all. Can someone shove me in the right direction to fix?
  13. Field Restriction/Requirement

    Yes re: requirement/validation to ensure no alpha lower case No re: specific alpha/numeric placing... [color:green]3224AA would be acceptable. So this might do it, eh? I'll try it out.
  14. Field Restriction/Requirement

    I remember why I totally appreciate this Forum! Thanks for helping out. For example, I'd like to force entry in the field as 1A2345, while disallowing: 1A234[color:red], [color:red]-1A2345, 1A2345[color:red]v, 1[color:red]a2345, etc. So, yes please, I'd like to refuse other symbols if doable.
  15. I haven't come here begging for quite a while... and hope I'm posting in the correct place. I'd like to create a (text?) field that requires no less than and no more than six alpha/numeric characters (in any combination - all of one or the other, or mixed). Possible? If so, will someone please shove me in the right direction re: how to accomplish?

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