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  1. greetings all! I have little problem and I don't really know if it can be solved.... I have a computer (duh!) that is connect to 2 printers (let say and laser printer and a LABEL printer. One of my file maker document requires the Laser Print and the other the Label printer. question: Is there a way to script the change of printer without having to go into the page setup every time? I just find that everytime that I have to print out a label that I have to change the print setup or else it will print on the laser, and when I print out a label, I have to change it back to the laser.....grrrrr... HELP!! Learner
  2. okay that is the way that the script/condition is set up, but if I select say "not started" it change the target container to blue, and THENin the same record if I change it to "in progress" then I want the Target feild/container to change to green, but it will not allow thew colour to change since there is the blue colour in the container from before, how do I clear the container within the Case statment before it puts in the new colour?
  3. tHANKS THAT WORKED GREAT! But one thing what happens if the feild changes to "not started" which is a nother colour. The container will not change unless it is clear, how do I clear it before another colour is placed in it?
  4. Is it possible to change a feilds colour within a script ie if feild "x" = "in progress" then i want feild "b" to change it's back ground colour to green thanks, Bill

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