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  1. Well the new files worked, guess I'll just recreate it there. It's still frustrating when you learn the rules, play by the rules, and then the rules are defenestrated.
  2. Detlev, yep, both globals(BobW - it's a global container I double checked) in both files are filled in. I tried it through a relationship before and ran into problems, so I said "no biggy, I'll just give it it's own", and that's were I am now. I'm going to try it in some new files to see what happens.
  3. I have two files, one contains main topics, the second contains subtopics. I want to have a way to "check" them off when they are done, so I created a check field with one option, then made it so when that check field was checked an icon of a much prettier check is displayed (for printing purposes). Anyways I got it to work on the first file, then I wanted to do the exact some thing in the other file.... did it.... doesn't work!?!? First file calulation(container) field formula: Case(checkBox = " X", GetRepetition(gCheck, 1), GetRepetition(gCheck, 2)) Second file calulation(container) field formula: Case(checkBox = " X", GetRepetition(gCheckTwo, 1), GetRepetition(gCheckTwo, 2)) arg... it should work... any ideas?
  4. LanceK

    no portal borders or similar

    wow, duh... I had never used those, didn't even think to even look at them. Thanks a bunch
  5. LanceK

    no portal borders or similar

    I have two files. One contains the main items, the second contains the parts that make up the main items. I want to display the main item (a title field) with a list of the related records (records of subitems) from the second file. Very simple I know, I've done it, but my problem is I don't want any borders or boxes when I print, just the text. I've looked and there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of the border or black lines around the portal, at least none that I've found. Is there a way around this?
  6. LanceK

    Callers and Issues db

    Nevermind, I figured it out. It helped that I stop thinking about how I did it in excel.
  7. LanceK

    Callers and Issues db

    I'm trying to create a db for keeping track of callers and their problems/questions/comments. I have a file for the callers, and a file for the P/Q/Cs. I currently have it set up so that when I create a new caller I can select the P/Q/C from a list generated from the records in the P/Q/C file. That works, however I want to be able to count how many callers had one particular P/Q/C and display that information on that particular P/Q/C in the P/Q/C file. When I tried to do this I received an error message saying I had a circular definition or something of that sort. Which is super frustrating, because it took me a while to just get to that point. Second problem, same db. I want to display the first and last date a P/Q/C was reported on that P/Q/C record. thanks

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