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  1. No but there is a jscript for classic asp for filemaker 6. http://mariano.petersonpages.com/demo/asp/FMPasp_v0-2.zip
  2. Update to the recent response: We have successfully got the virtual directory jkarta in IIS added now needed for the server advanced. Now we are facing another problem. Whenever we configure the web publishing machine, the password to get into the FileMaker Server on the desktop changes and we cannot get into it to retrieve the passcode and identifier needed to register the publishing engine with the serve. These are located in the clients tab but we cannot get into the clients tab without the password working. If anyone has any suggestions on these issues I would be more than happy to here them. Thanks.
  3. I haven't had any problems editing a global field in IWP. As long as you have your privlages set right, it should be allright. Maybe tell me some more detail as to the problem your having or attach the file to your post in a zip? Thanks.
  4. If you have a subscription to www.vtc.com (Which is 100 dollars a year i think) then they have a great tutorial in Quicktime about FileMaker 7. If you don't, I would suggest going to your local library and looking for FileMaker video's on CD. It doesn't really take too long to learn the basics of FileMaker to where you can use it for dataentry and even create some good databases, just a little more time to be intermediate.
  5. Exactly, I mean it is causing a lot of headaches where im from. We have solutions that were created in Version 7 and we were told that Server Advanced would be out in July so we told our customers that. We found out it would be "Sometime August" and so we waited. But then we got Server 7 and thought we could at least do Instant webpublishing with that but again we were wrong. Why does FileMaker have to keep people waiting with this one product? I mean, there is not really a lot of documentation out there showing how good it will be. What are we supposed to tell our customers? You know?
  6. Hey yafreax, Im fairly advanced in IWP with 7, let me have a look. Most likely, I think the problem has to do with commiting records but im not for sure. My email is grewej@berea.edu.
  7. Yeah, thanks tripod. Forgot to point that out.
  8. This is no longer a feature in 7, although hopefully FileMaker in the future will realize that they made a mistake and in a future version of FileMaker 7, like 7.3, it will work once again. In the meantime, there is a workaround with relationships and lookups. There is an example in these forums.
  9. Yes this is possible, and it sounds like a plan. I have done this with my database, I have courses, and students, and enrollment, and questions and responses. In my enrollment table, with one record per student in the course, I have a portal to the responses database. First I create the number of records based on my questions in the questions table with a script. Then in the enrollment table I edit the newly added records in the responses table with a portal. That way, I can answer all the questions with only having to submit one time because of the record, when using Instant web publishing. If I would have done it in the response table then I would have to edit each record one at time, creating the need for submit buttons on each question to commit the records. Huge time saver, use portals to connect to other tables when entering data as well as editing.
  10. Hey Steve, I have had this issue, as many have. It is a known portal bug, as I have reported it to the FileMaker website. I am sure they will fix it with the next version of 7(FileMaker 7 version 3). In the meantime, there is a workaround. Check my post: http://www.fmforums.com/threads/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=119640&an=0&page=2#119640
  11. Hi, I have recently posted this to the filemaker website as a bug. In FileMaker 7, if you have a portal where it needs a scrollbar, and have the portal have no border in between the entries, and you scroll to the last entry. And then press the scroll bar again, it will show that last entry sliding up but it also is in its original position. This problem is resolved however if you have the portal with a border. Hope FileMaker fixes this bug, because it seems kind of dumb to be forced to have a border in portals.
  12. Hi srs04, I have used asp with jscript to connect to FileMaker all the time. Mariano Peterson, who is a member of this forum, has created an ASP class to connect to FileMaker Pro 6 and is currently working on a version to connect to FMP 7. Here is the link: http://mariano.petersonpages.com/demo/asp/FMPasp_v0-2.zip Its used the same way the FX.php class is used. Justin
  13. Yes, We found out that the web publishing engine is only a feature of FileMaker Server 7 advanced. But then why is the option to enable it on FileMaker 7 server? Is Server 7 advanced just an add on which would make installation and migration much easier which we are predicting it is? Thanks.
  14. I cannot find the properties dialog box in the MMC FileMaker Server 7 admin. In the help file, it says to register the Web publishing engine I need to connect to the server, then click on action on the top menus, then properties. But the problem is there is no properties in the action menu, only the help action. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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