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    Sort in insertion order

    first, thank you for your promtly answer Vaughan. You are right. Unsorted is just how you say: the OLDER the first, the newer the last. I was wrong when watching at my records. Anyway, it's good to know that if I wanted the opposite I would have to use the autoenter ID number from filemaker itself.
  2. I need to sort my result page so that the record that the oldest record shows on top, the second one afterwards, and so on. I found that if no sort field is specified I get just the opposite of that. I could use the ascending/descending sort option to solve this problem but "-sortorder" doesn't seem to work when no sortfield is selected. Any ideas? Thank you in advance
  3. soci222

    Access an URL variable

    Well Mariano, if i'm not wrong [FMP-FindValueItem] does return ALL of your URL variables so it doesn't do the job as I only want to show one. Combining [FMP-FindValueItem] with javascript should do the work. I'll try it later. If it works I'll post it here
  4. soci222

    Access an URL variable

    The fact is that I have the link done. What I need is to abtain the variable in the URL in the page which the link refers to But thanks anyway
  5. Imagine I have this link on a page: http://xxx.xxx.xx.xx/FMPro?-db=Database.fp5&-lay=Web&-error=errors.htm&-OP=gte&TIME=Afternoon&-max=10&-format=list.htm how can I show in the linked page something like this **************** on the afternoon we have: record1,2,3,4.... (all the records go here) *************** I know how to show the records from the DB but not how to extract the variable time=afternoon which is an URL variable. Does anyone knows? thanks in advance
  6. Thanks a lot, It works! I have a question though... Where are you telling in this script that the field you want to compare is a field called Date, in my case it works and it's not even called Date, it's called Fecha.
  7. I have a field called date. I want to keep in my database records that are no more than 5 monts old. I assume that this can be done by a fm script or applescripts. But the fact is that I have no idea of how to do this. Can anyone help me please? Thanks in advance
  8. What do you mean by to have applescript activate the file of the path? autoopen a quitcktime window and show the video from the path I already have in a text field? This would be the same as what it does the container field but without the restriction of the 15KB per record.... GREAT! Are there any examples out there of how to do that? Thanks for your patience, kenneth2k1
  9. This is on a MAC. And the video is QuickTime .mov I'm storing the video as references. But seems that the poster frame is stored also in the FM file as it grows 15 KB in size every time I add one record.
  10. I want to make a video database and I need that each video is visible through FileMakerPro. I found that per each record a jpg of the poster frame of the video it's stored within the database so it raises 15-20KB for each record. My first idea was to held up to 150000 records but then I realised that the database would be more than 2 Gigs in size, and this is the limit of FileMaker! Is there any way to store de movies and make them watchable throug FMPro without having to store a jpg for each movie?
  11. soci222

    Best Software & Hardware solution

    I really appreciate your promptly answers guys! I chose the Xserve for the known reliability of it's components. As the machine will have to be 24/7 online I was afraid a regular mac wouldn't be as much reliable. In PCs world choosing a server would be the only option and I thought in Mac world this would be the same. Am I wrong? Also, I thought of OSX server because of the need to administer the box remotely and I'm going to be really far from the box. I think that (I don't really know if this is true...) in OSX client this is not so easy. Also I was thinking of backuping all the data with a RAID1 Thanks
  12. I'm planning to build a FileMaker database. As always, I have some minnor questions about what hardware & software is better to use in this specific case. The project configuration is: The Db has to be searchable (and nothing else) through the internet by a limited number of people at the same time (not more than 40). Every user on the internet will be using it's own login and password to make searchs. The DB will be less than 110000 registers. The DB will be populated through 2 Macs in the same lan as the server. The server will be administrate remotely from another location. In terms of software I thought of: For the two Macs --> Two licenses of FileMakerPro. For the server ---> FMServer and the FMUnlimited (990$ + 990$ ex-pen-sive !!) In terms of hardware I thought of: Apple Xserve 1.33Ghz single processor 512 RAM Now the question is. Do you think this is the right configuration? or should I add/remove something. Maybe de FmServer isn't necessary, is it? Thanks in advance to anyone giving attention to this thread.
  13. I need to store movie references in a container field, and then show the movies in the web using webcompanion. Reading the forums I found that storing the movies path is the only way that ables me to show the movie in the web browser. But, I din't find a way to select a movie and store it's path in the database at the same time. If I could access directly the path stored in the container with cdml would be great, but as I already said I have no hopes on that. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  14. soci222

    CDML? PHP? ASP? ColdFusion?

    ColdFusion rocks

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