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  1. Hi Shermund, The project is going really well. I have decided to add alot more extra's. The following will be added... A) End of day data downloader (Done) Historical data (Done) C) Line Charts (Done) D) Export to Metastock (In Progress) E) Portfolio Manager (In Progress) Any many many more features. I am still wanting someone to please help, as I would like to be able to change this app to download from yahoo. This is the only part I'm not sure how to change, I have emailed the original programmer but did NOT hear back from them.
  2. Hi All, I have started the project, As mentioned, I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to download and extract the data from Yahoo. The same way it is done, as Steve Wilmes has created his file but from yahoo instead. Thanks jeffe Oops, I forgot to attach the file. jeffe StockQuotes.zip
  3. Hi everyone, I was wondering if any-one could help. Im going to create a free for all and open source End of day Yahoo and google stockmarket qoutes downloader I do know there is one available at the moment http://www.swconsulting.com/whatwedo/filemaker/index.asp I would like to design a new system with the option of downloading From yahoo or google or other websites for that matter. Is this possible and could you please provide an example file on How to retreive from yahoo. Thanks jeffe
  4. You are a Legend Thank you... It Worked just the way I wanted. jeffe
  5. Hi thanks for your response but when you goto an object name you are unable to edit the field. And this is an important part.
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a little problem. I have not been able to work it out. I have a field on two different tabs. Example tab1 & tab3 - I want to click on the field in tab3 and goto the same field but when i do this the tab changes to tab1. I understand that the focus is going to the first tab but I want the focus in the 3rd tab. Is this possible. jeffe Active_Tab_Control.zip
  7. don't bother with version 2. I tried as you said. I ran script debugger and killed the script. How sad... : I can't believe how poor filemaker security is. jeffe
  8. Wait a second... I left out something in the script. I have now attached a second version. Please try and unlock this. Username: Admin Password: jeffe Good luck. jeffe Time_Trial_Demo_2.zip
  9. Your a legend. How in the world did you do that. Please share for all us to know. jeffe
  10. Hi Guyz, I have built a 10day time trial demo. I want to know if anyone can unlock it. If you do, please re-post the file and share it with the community. I have not removed the Admin user and I am even happy to give out the admin password. Username: admin Password: jeffe I have tried to bypass this security but was unable so I want to know if there is a way or not. Good luck jeffe Time_Trial_Demo.zip
  11. Hi Josebetzy, The only way I know is with this plug-in. http://myfmbutler.com/index.lasso?p=371 Thanks jeffe
  12. you could use conditional formatting
  13. Never mind I worked it out..... Port forward... jeffe
  14. Hi Guyz, I think I have worked out that I am behind a LAN as I use a wireless card to connect to the Internet. Can someone please help me... jeffe
  15. Hi Guyz, I need help, I have been using Filemaker Advanced V9 for some time and previous versions. But I have never used the Filemaker Server and wanted to increase my knowledge skills and even purchase filemaker server. I have downloaded the trial version of Filemaker Server 9. I have installed it using (no-ip) I have also open ports 5003, 16000 & 16001. If I open the client "Filemaker Advanced V9" on the same machine, I can see the file which is being hosted by the server. Works great. Now If I open another laptop and try to connect using Filemaker Advanced 9 Via the
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