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    faking xml-export?

    folks, we'd like to export xml the simple way from fm. we have a xml-template thats values should be filled with text. completed result xml code will be in one text-field, that will be exported as plain text. no problem, but: special characters have to be converted, otherwise the xml will not work. many of these characters start with "&" and end with ";". is there a conversion-table or routine available that does the replaceing automatically?...or am i on the wrong track?
  2. this sounds way good. thank you very much. there are running other applescripts on this machine, maybe that's a problem? ...oh, but: this is not an applescript-forum ;-). thank you again, says phonoguy.
  3. scotty, just trigger a search for employee=yes and print out the result. is recomending: someguy
  4. folks, we have a db, that's feeded by several other (web-published) dbs (see my other posts for details, please). we'd like to set up a script that: 1. checks wethere there are any records, 2. if yes, picks up the oldest (by date changed), 3. executes a (sub-script, do applescript), 4. deletes the record. so finally we end up in an empty db, sooner or later .... background: we are feeding the seperate db with applescripts that takes lots of time to execute. by this feeding we avoid the web-connected db to wait for the result of the applescript. any help appreciated by: phonoguy.
  5. phonoguy

    pushing the actual record to a related db?

    bob, thank you for your post. we are using ex-/import as well. but since our solution is multi-user-based, we came to a serious problem: in fm it is not possible to name the export-result individually or even store to a location other than prerecorded *during the export-process*. one has to use i. e. the troi-file-plug-in, later on, to achieve renaming and moving files (<- please correct me if i am wrong on that). in general i love export/import a lot but in this special case .... :-(.
  6. phonoguy

    pushing the actual record to a related db?

    laretta, jim, thank you very much for the tipps (in german: with two p). i'll go into both solutions later this week and will let you know, how it worked out. phonoguy.
  7. folks, we have two dbs: source.db & target.db. we need to kinda copy records manually from source to target by using a button. how can we do that? details on that: source.db has lots of records. we want to be able to select one (no problem for us) and put it over to target.db (problem for us). idea: using the source.db's recID in target.db, getting the rest by relations/references. problem: creating a new record in target.db and putting the recID. and all this from source.db with a button ... oh, and: we'd like to avoid (beeing on a macintosh) using applescript .... any help appreciated. thx, phonoguy.

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