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    Force sub-summ fields to print zeros

    Thank you Robert for your reply. I have checked all the suggestions you made in your message...my problem is that the aging report prints out the amounts receivable by the age of the invoice (30, 60, 90, etc); if a specific category (such as 90 days) has a zero value, then it will not print the zero value. So instead of seeing a report which shows 30 0.00 60 10.00 90 0.00 I get a report which shows only 60 10.00 Does this make sense to you? Thank you for all your help. G
  2. Hi I have created an accounts receivable aging report with five categories (30,60,90,120,More than 120) and I am sorting for sub summary by account number and AR Category. My problem is that I want to total the AR Categories across all the accounts at the bottom of the report (total of all the 30 day accounts, 60 day accounts, etc.). Can anyone help with this one? Thank you. G
  3. Hi My boss wants our AR report to look like the reports generated by an old system, so...how can I force number fields in a sub-summary to print even if they are zeros? There must be an easy way to do this, but there isn't enough coffee in San Diego today. Thanks all. G

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