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    Lost Relationship Path

    thanks for your reply. i tried this, with no success. But if I duplicate the file I am having problems with and rename it e.g. file2.fp5, all the relationships work. So will update the relationships from the menu to the renamed file. This works but doesn't get to the root of the problem in the first place.
  2. Lips

    Lost Relationship Path

    I have been using a menu file which accesses files on FM Server, and everything has been working OK. Suddenly one of the relationships keeps showing "File Missing," and asks the user to locate the file, but then the relationship is dropped once the file is closed. I have checked obvious problems: corrupt files, etc... but no joy. Other files stored in the same folder, are picked up OK. The system is PC, using windows 2000. I am used to working in a mac enviroment, and can see no reason why one file should not be picked up, any ideas? ( I have checked that there are not 2 files with the same name) Thanks lips

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