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  1. None of this worked for me, but thanks for your help. I am giving up and filtering out duplicates manually.
  2. I am trying to follow your instructions but am hitting a wall. What is gtext? I do not see that anywhere in the scripting tools. E-mail directly if you want: phil@grpg.org Thanks so much for your help!
  3. Scenario: I have a large found set of people I want to send a mailer to. Some have duplicate addresses, and I want to send only one mailer to a household. I sorted the set by address, so any records with duplicate addresses will be adjacent to each other. I want a script that will start on the first record and compare its address with the next record's address. If they match I want the script to mark a field "no" (they all start marked "yes"). If they do not match, I want it to move onto the next record and continue doing this to the end. Then I can ommit all the ones newly marked "no" and create the labels. Any help would be appreciated! -Phil
  4. Aha, that is what I was missing, executing a script in the related file instead of a script in the current file. Didn't even know I could do that. Thanks to all, you guys rule.
  5. This would create a new record in the database file I am currently in, I need the new record created in the related file and do not know how to get over to that file before creating the new record if one does not already exist. Thanks for your help though. Any other thoughts?
  6. I am using FMPro 5.5 on a PC in case that matters. I have a relational DB that has many files but my question regard only 2 of them. The two files are connected by a serial number. I already have a button that executes a script that takes the user viewing a particular record to the related record in the related file. That much I have down. What I need is a script that would do this: --If there is already a related record in the related file, will take the user to view that record in the related file........ --If there is not yet a related record in the related file, will recognize that fact and go ahead and create a new record (with all of the accompanying info) in the file that previously had no related record. Sorry if that is confusing. Using the ScriptMaker, I see things like "Create new record," "Go to related record" but nothing that says "go to related file and check for existence of related record." I think I know how to check for the existence of a record (if fieldname=""): but I do not know how to jump to the related file! Any help would be great, thanks.

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