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  1. I, too, have a solution that I'm having the Username dialog come up - every time. Each file is set to auto-login under an account with no password. The solution works fine regardless of the username entered. Thoughts?
  2. Dave_G

    Looping records in a portal...

    Thanks for the info, but the related file exists on the clients machines already and modifications cannot be performed on it (only replacing the layout file). I can add files to the solution, such as a join file, but I'm not certain how I would perform what I need to perform while not touching the 4 "core" data files. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Dave_G

    Looping records in a portal...

    Sorry bout that - using FM Dev 6.
  4. Dave_G

    Looping records in a portal...

    No on printing. There are two layouts in the master file, a List and a Detail. The List layout needs to displays a list of returned records from one of the related DB's. There is no limit to the number of records - could be 5, could be 50, depending on each client's needs. The layout won't really allow defining a grand summary part, which is why I was thinking along the lines of a portal. Thanks for the help!
  5. Dave_G

    Looping records in a portal...

    Need a little fundamental help. I've developed a database solution with one master layout file, and 4 data files. The master layout file contains only related fields from the 4 data files. What I'm needing to do is on one of the layouts in the master file, create a list of records from 3 fields out of one of the data files. Can I do this within a portal? Can I script a loop somehow? I'm not too adept yet at ScriptMaker, so be gentle. Thanks!
  6. Dave_G

    Merge Fields

    Fantastic - you are the best! Is there a good book I can purchase to help me through some of these little traps I seem to consistantly fall into? I'd REALLY love to learn more about FileMaker!
  7. Dave_G

    Merge Fields

    OK, how would I perform these functions? I understand the theory, but the syntax is what stumps me. For example, this is part of an application that creates URL redirects for different scripting languages. The code remains the same, but the website address changes per record. I currently have something like this: <cfLocation url=
  8. Hello all. I've got a simple DB program, and I need to be able to do something, but don't know how to do it. It's developed as a runtime solution. I have some static text with a merge field in it. What I need to do is allow that information to be selected and copied...if I create a global field with the static text in it, is there a way I can insert a merge field into that global field? The end result is the end user being able to copy the entire field to paste into a text document. Or, perhaps a script to export the static text and merge data into a text doc? Example: static text static text <<related::related_data>> I'm pretty certain something like this can be done, I'm just pretty new to FM scripting. Thank you, Dave Gammage
  9. Thanks Bob! I guess I'll just have to sit and play with it. I've used FM Pro for a while now, but I'm just getting started on lookups and portals. I tried some things last night and could not get it to work the way I wanted it to, I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong. Are you for hire?
  10. I am still at a point that the program can be changed... Can anyone help me on creating a seperate data file? I've never built a DB like that, and if someone could provide some pointers, It'd be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hello, I'm pretty new to Filemaker Scripting. I have created a database solution for affiliate marketers that I have compiled into a runtime solution. As I add features, my customers will need to upgrade the .USR file. Any idea how I could build an "Update to current version" script that would pull the records out of the old file and into the new one? I'm using FM 5 Developer. Thank you!

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