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  1. Just downloaded Version 1.26... works great! Thanks, guys. Problem solved. Version 1.26 (12/8/2011) * Fixed loss of formatting with .xlsx files with ScribeDocWriteValue * Fixed loss of formatting with .docs files with ScribeDocSubstitute * Fixed loss of formatting with .docx files with Content Control Fields and ScribeDocWriteValue * Fixed "flatten" flag to work on ScribeDocSaveContainer * Added ability to retrieve PDF metadata: author, creation date, mod date, creator, producer, subject. Functionality is available in ScribeDocReadValue function.
  2. Curious as to whether any progress has been made on this...
  3. Did some more investigations... numbers seem to translate with the formatting intact, but text does not. I can email anyone a demo file if they are interested... it won't let me update it to the forum.
  4. Some additional notes: I'm on a Mac using OS X 10.6.8, Scribe version 1.25, and Filemaker 11 advanced. Very strange, and very frustrating.
  5. I am using Scribe to write data to an Excel template that I've loaded into a container field. Unfortunately, while the first write works fine, subsequent writes seem to be overwriting the cell formatting, putting it back into the Verdana font and elimination word wrap, centering, cell colors, etc. Has anyone else seen this issue?
  6. Question: Does anyone have a solution for sorting the contents of a text field? I have a field that is populated by a checkbox... since the boxes can be checked in any order, the text field itself is populated randomly. When I export the contents, I want them sorted alphabetically. I could write a script that pushes them out to a shell command, but I was hoping for something more cross-platform. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  7. Well, I changed the script, which fixed the immediate problem. What's strange, though, is the different behavior between his machine and mine. When he types in "4." into the section ID text field (it is text, by the way), it finds every field with a "4." in it. When I do it, (same database, same permissions), it only finds those fields that begin with a "4." I've been using Filemaker since version 2, and I've gotta say I'm stumped!
  8. Brilliant! actually, I already have a field that has just the first number of the ID... just forgot about it. I still don't understand the difference in behavior between my machine and theirs... same file, same software versions, same database, but different answers. However, this should fix the problem for now. Thanks again!
  9. Help!!! I have some folks back east using a solution I developed, but for some reason they get different answers than I do when running certain scripts. Specifically, the database includes data that has section numbers (Section 1, Section 1.1, Section 2.3.5, etc.). I have a script that will constrain the found set to just one section. The script parameter is set to the appropriate section number depending on the button that called it. Assuming I'm looking for section 4, the script does the following: goes to find mode pastes "4." into the section number field (this finds 4.1, 4.2, etc.) makes a new find request pastes "=4" into the section number field (this finds "section 4", which doesn't have the period) performs the find sorts On my computer, finding "4." returns all the records that BEGIN with "4."... On their computers back East, it returns every record that CONTAINS "4.". I get: 4 4.1 4.1.1 4.1.2 ... They get 3.4.1 3.4.2 4 4 4.1 4.1.1 4.1.2 5.4.1 7.2.1 ... Why would this be so different? The files are identical, so why is the behavior different? Thanks!
  10. I think I figured this out... the problem is not with files converted from version 6... the problem is with layouts (specifically the text fields on those layouts). Any layouts created in version 6 won't work. If you paste that layout in a fresh FMP 7 file, the spell check won't work. Just pasting one text field from a "broken" layout seems to be enough to kill the spell checker. The solution? Create a new layout, copy over all the graphical elements (but NOT the text fields) from the "bad" layout, then create new text fields from scratch (a bit of a pain, but having a separate window open with the old layout helps... the size pallet helps too). The result? A spell check that works as advertised.
  11. Not sure if you ever got an answer to this, but I have the same problem. I was told the issue was with files converted over from Filemaker 6, but I just created a new file in 7, and have the same problem. Also use Mac OS X.
  12. This is strange... I've set up a simple database with two tables... one holding a list of all possible entities (ValueTable), and another that uses those entities (MainDB). I have a value list that pulls data from the ValueTable table. Now, I have a need to restrict that list to some smaller amount... let's say that it's based on the value of a field that can be either "1" (include it) or "0" (don't include it). To do this, I set up a relationship that connects the MainDB to the ValueTable based on matching that boolean field with a calculated "1" in the MainDB. I know set up a value list based on that relationship. No go. I get all the values. I created a portal to show all the related fields, and it is correct. i don't get it. I am not explaining this well, so I've attached a demo. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! ValueListProblem.fp7.zip
  13. Help! I have a user who lost their network connection with the Filemaker Pro Server (7). Now, when they try to log back into the database, it refuses saying that someone with that same ID is already logged in. Lo' and behold, the server still shows them logged in to the database. When I try to disconnect them, nothing happens. This happened yesterday, and I ended up having to close all the databases (which took several minutes) and then reopening them. Today I've got multiple folks logged in, and we're working against a deadline. How do I force her off the server, and why did this happen? Thanks!!!
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