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  1. Any Experience running FMS 16 on Big Sur? What about 15/16/17 clients?
  2. Thanks Lee, I'll see if I can figure it out. Any comment on my OnRecordLoad idea? c.
  3. Do you know about the open source solution called FMEasyAudit by Tim Dietrich? Josh Ormond posted an entry 4/2016: "I am in the process of archiving that documentation from Tim's OpenSource demo's he released." FMEasyAudit _ An Open Source Auditing Solution for the FileMaker Platform.pdf Files: https://github.com/timdietrich/fmeasyaudit It looks like it is no longer available, I end up on the Waybackmachine that tells me: "Page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt." c. Sorry, the above post was stuck somewhere since yesterday. I also have wondered about using the script trigger "OnRecordLoad", but I don't have experience creating audit logs, so I don't know how to proceed with the scripting. I would like the trigger to create a record in a separate log file, with timestamp, ID of record loaded (eg the entry in the ID field of the monitored table), and login credentials of the user viewing the record. Not sure how to have the trigger create a record in a different table/file, and then copy the required data. Does that sound about right?
  4. Lee, when I click on your link, I get a no access error for the teaser video. Looks like it is for subscribers only... c.
  5. Thanks to both - Jim, would to be able to share that PSOS script? Lee, I don't have access to the Sublime Audit log video. Does it discuss capturing views? c.
  6. Our institution is now requiring PHI-containing databases to log not just modifications to records, but to log every access/viewing of any record. They want to be able to respond to the question "Who has looked at my medical record, even with no change to the record?". I am not aware how to achieve this with FM, do any of the add-on programs have such features? I am facing the forced elimination of a critical database, built over 15 yrs, if this cannot be achieved. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. Thanks for the clarification - I did not pick up on that. I just tried it and it works great - thanks for that. It also works fine if the field is modified on another layout. Just trying to understand the mechanism here - if you define a variable as a field in a let statement, any modification in the field activates the autocalc after the semicolon? Is that described somewhere? Thanks again!
  8. Thanks Comment. I was considering triggers, but do they work in the context of another table layout? If so, this wold be perfect. Thanks for the "Self" - is that relatively new? c.
  9. Would appreciate help on what I thought was a simple problem: I would like to auto-update a date field ("FinalOutcomeUpdate") any time a user changes the entry in a text field ("final_Outcome"). Something like using the Auto-enter Modification Date, but only triggered by changes in (a) specified field(s). So far I tried variations of this calc, with no success: Case ( IsEmpty (final_Outcome) ; "" ; ContainsValue ( Get ( ModifiedFields ) ; 1 ; "final_Outcome" ) = 1 ; FinalOutcomeUpdate = Get (CurrentDate) ; FinalOutcomeUpdate ) Right now, this yield a "?" when modifying "final_Outcome", and entering a date into "FinalOutcomeUpdate" by hand is blocked. not sure if this is a correct way to use the customF "ContainsValue", to evaluate the "Get ( ModifiedFields)" function. Any suggestions welcome. Also, is there a way to define a "default result" for the case statement to be "do nothing"? (not "", since that blanks existing entries).
  10. Yes, I was wondering about the progressive backups as well, but I have not used them so far. The command line you mention, "fmsadmin pause", is invoked with a FM script, eg at a specific time to coincide with scheduled backups,, or is that something the OS recognizes? c.
  11. thanks guys, great feedback as always. I do not believe this is a cloud solution, certainly not like AWS, though possibly some institutional "cloud", and they do run virtual machines, I will have to find out if that is what they are planning for the FMS. As to backups & AV - I hear you, and hope they will. This may sound silly, simply reflecting my win ignorance, but can the win volume snapshot service be told to ignore specific files or subdirectories, or is it all or nothing? If the former, it should be feasible to tell it to ignore the live DB files and only back up the backup folder, no? I had not thought about AV - how do I address a possible data-center wide requirement that all drive be under AV control? Are there AV solutions that can run at intervals, coinciding with a script to turns the DB files on and off? Thanks
  12. For security reasons, my institution is requiring me to migrate my FMS15 solution, currently residing on a MacPro in my office, to the IT data center. Since they do not run MacOS, this includes a migration to a hosted windows server running FMS advanced. I no nothing about windows (eg: what is a hosted win server vs simple win server ???) , so I will be totally dependent on the IT staff knowing what they are doing (and they barely know FM, I narrowly escaped having them try to recreate the solution in Access for $$$$$ ...): Current Environment · FileMaker Server Advanced running on local Mac OS12.12 system. · RAID-0, Solid State Drives · 8-Core CPU · 32gb RAM · FileMaker DB is 100gb with additional storage required for temporary files and local DB backups Proposed Environment · Hosted Windows Server running FileMaker Server Advanced · 4-CPU · 16gb RAM · 1tb Storage I have many questions/concerns, but would appreciate feedback on 2 issues: 1. Backups: My understanding is that FM is adamant that no backup system can touch a “live” database file, causing potential corruption. FMS has its own internal backup mechanism, and you point it to some external drive / directory etc, where it creates backups that can then be copied/archived by a system process or third party backup system. The IT manager I am discussing this with replied the following: "Backups should not be an issue either. We've been using this model on our SQL servers and have not experienced a single issue over many years. They do their backups and we do our own as well." I don't know what the windows server system is doing for backups, but are the FM warnings about letting other backup systems touch live FM files only for 3rd party SW, and system processes are OK? Any specifics I should communicate to the IT guys? Again, I know nothing about how win or win/server does this. 2. Performance: I am obviously worried performance will take a hit, if only from networking. I am hosting a dozen related files ranging from 1-50 GB, typically 5-10 concurrent local and remote users. The proposed environment seems less optimized for DB performance - what are the key parameters I should negotiate on? My current 32gb RAM may well be more than what is needed (I don't use any web or go functions, just straight FM clients), but can I determine from the admin console logs/stats how much is really needed? My request for SSDs was immediately shot down, how much can I get from various RAID configs they may or may not agree to? Thanks for any feedback - I am so not looking forward to this...
  13. Hi Wim, thanks for your response - you were correct. I only got back now, and the folder containing the DB files indeed lacked fmserver as user. I was able to simply use the GUI in the cmd-i box to add fmserver with r&w privileges, applying it to all contained files, and all went back to normal. I had done this using chown & chmod a few years ago, so I was pleasantly surprised the GUI worked as well. It remains unclear why this corruption occurred, as mentioned, I had done both FMS and MacOS updates at the same time in a rush to get out the door...
  14. Thanks, they are not paused. Host is not asleep. ne other item: I had just updated the OS with its latest security upgrade before updating FMS to 15.0.3. Could there be some complications with the new security patch?
  15. I updated my FMS15 from 15.0.2 to 15.0.3 yesterday (on MacOS Sierra & latest updates) running on a MacPro. I shut off the DB before updating. Today, my host files are unmodifiable. Anyone see this? Did the files get corrupted? They behave normally otherwise... I am traveling, so I can't troubleshoot directly, but I can use the server admin console remotely.
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