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    Desperately need some help

    John: I need the number to be random - because the end result is we will be using the number for barcoding to track participation, etc. I think the thread helps I just need some more basic info on writing calculations, scripts as well. I think the thread will work once I figure out what to do with it.. any tips for picking up the more elementary stuff?
  2. greatusahero

    Desperately need some help

    ESpringer: Thanks for the heads - I think my problem with using the search was not being able to use the right terminology - I was searching by random numbers and that wasn't bringing me the results needed. thanks for the thread this seems more of what I was looking for. rc
  3. I am working on Developing a database for a nonprofit I work at - and here is my problem: I need to generate a unique, random seven digit number for each member. The number will be the primary key (match) of the database. I need the number to be generated for each new record so that it appears as soon as the opens. Some of my concerns are making sure that no one receives the same number. That this is done within filemaker - I don't want to have to make a list of numbers and then assign it to someone manually. I am very new to all of this so any help would be greatly appreciated. Rc
  4. greatusahero

    Random integers within a range

    A similar question: I am developing a database solution for a membership based organization - they want to create a unique, random 7 digit membership number for each member. I am a novice at this...

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