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  1. > Please update your profile as to which platform, operating system, and version of FileMaker you use, so that we can tailor our answers to fit you situation. Sorry. I updated those when I posted, but somehow they...disappeared. > Here are some sample files that may be helpful to you. Thank you thank you thank you, both of you! (My husband, the FM skeptic, said, "What if the answer is 'you can't do that'? when I posted this last question. I told him, "The answer is NEVER 'you can't do that'. And somebody there will tell me how to fix this and what the hell I'm doing wrong." As usual, you guys came through.)
  2. I'm trying to get a script to perform 2 find requests for a date range and output the number of records it finds for the combination of those 2 finds. Doing this manually is simple but tedious, and "..." is a valid operator. Why isn't it a valid operator for a script step?? But I'm having more problems than that. I can't even get a simple "find this date in this field and give me the number of records you found" script to work. Here it is exactly: Enter Find Mode [] Set Field ["Date In Listed", "8/22/2004"] Set Field ["Amz 70K", "1"] Perform Find [] Insert Calculated Result [select, "Weekly Listings", "Status(CurrentFoundCount)"] This find doesn't even work WITHOUT the last command. "Date In Listed" is a date field. "Weekly Listings" is a global field. Help!
  3. Another_Karen

    HELP! A program that will merge fields into email?

    Never mind, I FINALLY found it. Thanks again, Vaughn.
  4. Another_Karen

    HELP! A program that will merge fields into email?

    Thanks Vaughan! That works. Now I have just one more question: I can't figure out how to add carriage returns to the calculation. Karen
  5. I tried Reed's suggestion of emailing directly from FM but that won't work for me because I have fields that need to be merged into a form letter in the body of my email. Can't do it in Word because Word won't let me add merge fields to the subject or address. Is there a program out there that will: ~ merge fields into static text (form letter)? AND ~ use an email address from my FM exported records (NOT from my email program's address book!) AND ~ allow me to put both static text and a merge field in the subject line? Anybody??
  6. Another_Karen

    Find fields with no data?

    DUH! Okay, I tried everything BUT that. What a dope! Thanks!
  7. Another_Karen

    free guide of scriptmaker

    Oh, YEAAAHHHHH!! Like you said, about time.
  8. Okay, this sounds easy, but apparently not for me: In a FIND script step, how do I designate a text field as having no data? I've started with SET FIELD (field name), then what?? Nothing I've tried has worked.
  9. Another_Karen

    free guide of scriptmaker

    I'd laugh but it might come across as rude, when I mean it more in a totally frustrated way. I'd LOVE to find this book ANYWHERE, and I do mean ANYWHERE. Even ABE, that goldmine for OOP books, doesn't have a copy listed. <SIGH>
  10. Another_Karen

    Scripts with radio buttons & check boxes

    Never mind...I figured it out. My values for these fields were not numbers, they were text. Apparently there is no way to do this unless your choice of values is numerical, so I changed them so this will work. Thanks!!
  11. Another_Karen

    Scripts with radio buttons & check boxes

    I'm chagrined to say that I can't do this. I've tried Set Field several times (even before my first post) and I can't figure out how to tell it what value to assign to the field. The closest I can get is to the calculation screen, but it won't accept anything I've entered there.
  12. Help! I can't figure out how to 1)check a check box and 2)change a value in a radio button field, using script steps. Thanks.

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