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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a way to lock the value of a field pass a certain date, the date would be coming in from another field. Has anyone try this before? Yann
  2. yannp

    Per week summary

    Yes I agreed, but I would need to have the result in one field. Here's more explanation, maybe that will help I have 3 database, 1 for store, 1 for product, 1 for sales. Now the product are sold across a bunch of store for different sales price. I would like to be able to see in 1 layout, Total sale, Sales per week, Sales per month and see all of those thing per store also. I would prefer to have the result in a field automaticly and not run a report every time I want to see the result. Now is that even possible, I've been scratching my brain all week, tired of having my finger up my nose (joke).
  3. Hi, I'm trying to get a field to add the total sales (money count) for the last 7 days from another database, eventually I would like to the same per month. Has anyone done this?
  4. yannp

    Similar sku issue

    that was it, thank you very much it works. Also open a bunch of possibilities
  5. yannp

    Similar sku issue

    I'm trying the Left command and it doesn't show anything the in portal. Here is what I did Calculation field, Similar sku: Similar sku = Left (item number; 5) Relationship, Similar Similar sku = similar sku Portal, from relation Similar, show: item number Nothing is showing up, what I am doing wrong?
  6. yannp

    Similar sku issue

    Sadly I do not have control over how the sku number are generated, trust me, if I did, this would not be the way I would build it.
  7. yannp

    Similar sku issue

    Hi, We currently have a sku item database with all the product we sell. Each item can have 3 different sku assign to it, 11111 (is the item in it's english and french packaging), 1111101 (is the item in it's english and spanish packaging) and 1111102 (is the item in it's english packaging). I'm looking into a way to create a portal that will show all of the sku that are similar. Can anyone help? Yann
  8. Hi, I'm trying to build a layout made only for search to simplify the live of my users. Here is the deal with my database It's a project database to keep track of job across our department. A job can have many different part A, B or C. The person of submit the job and the one who execute the job can change from part to part and the activity summary also. I would like to create an interface (layout) where the user will only need to fill one field to search, for example, the activity summary in each part. I need to do this so my user do not have to fill up to 3 or 4 field with the same information when the are search record. How can I achieved this? Thank you.
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a way to create a button that will open a folder from FileMaker. I have 2 field that supplies our naming convention when we create the folder in the server (all folder are created in a central place). How would I take the 2 field and put it into a path that will open the folder in the finder (I'm on a mac, put I would like a cross platform solution). Thank you
  10. thanks I think I got an idea how to do it.
  11. I agreed and I've done that, I just don't seem to figured out the tool I need to use. Mind you I know this is not a simple script and I'm new to File Maker pro (only started building layout 3 weeks ago), so some of the concept are still hard for me to understand. I'm sure I'll figured it out.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to automate the printing of job report by employees. Here is a description of what I have and what I have to do: I have a list of employees that are assign job. A job can be ongoing, done or cancelled, each job have a serial number. I have a report layout that shows (once you have done a Find by employees and ongoing) of the job for each employees. What I would like is a script that go through all the employee list and print out the report of ongoing job. Each employees need his on print out without seeing the job of other employees. I've been fiddling with things, but I can't seem to figure out the Set fields script with Perform and I'm also wondering how can the script use all the data from the employees list. Thank you
  13. yannp

    Dynamic value list

    Thank you, it so simple, but it works that's what I like
  14. yannp

    Dynamic value list

    Hi, Here is my problem : I have 2 database, one is for project, one is for a supplier list. I'm trying to create a value list in the project database from active supplier in the supplier list database. In the supplier list database, I have a field called Supplier Name and one for the State of supplier (active, hold, stop or never used) for the moment all these states are different field but eventually I would like to make it into one list. What I want to do is have a list of only Active Supplier, the list would show Supplier Name field, in project database. I have tried many different thing without success, did any of you ever done this before.

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