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  1. I know that you can safely remove the unneeded language resources and dictionaries from extension folder on a windows runtime, but what about all the WindowsUIresources.dil folders? I can't seem to find any information on them. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, that is a much more elegant way to get the job done.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a situation where there are several fields filled out with radio buttons from a value list that contains Yes, No, and Maybe. I need to extract that data and create a report that will give the percentages of how many people selected each of those choices. I can get the job done using multiple fields (say a calc field to extract the Yes, a summery field to count them, and finally a calc field to change them into a precent of the total), but I'm hoping someone has a more elegant way to do this. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I am deploying a solution for a small shop that will have 7 clients and one server. They are an all mac shop and want to go with a Mac mini for the FMP server, and I was wondering which would be better -- the 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 on Apple's "server model," or upgrading the non-server model to a 2.7GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7? Thanks in advance. Val
  5. Valdrin

    A Name Parsing Problem

    Thanks, that worked great. I had figured out how to extract the first and last names, but was really having trouble getting the middle initials out. The error also found a bunch of other problems in the records -- things like a client's entire name placed in just one of the name fields.
  6. Hi all, I have been given a filemaker file that has only first and last name fields. In several hundred records the users put people's middle initials in the last or first name field, sometimes with a period and sometimes without. So they look like this: FirstName: "Frank" LastName: "T. Doe" FirstName: "Frank" LastName: "T Doe" FirstName: "Frank T." LastName: "Doe" FirstName: "Frank T" LastName: "Doe" I am trying to put the middle initial into its own field and remove it from the other name fields, but I am not quite getting it. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  7. Valdrin

    A portal sorting question

    Thanks, I was searching the net for anything on this and came up empty. It was an interesting article. In a reply Tom Fitch said that sorting a portal by "foreign fields" causes a performance hit. I wonder how much slower it is than sorting on a calculation field in the join table...
  8. Valdrin

    A portal sorting question

    Adding a field to sort by to the join table is what I've always done in the past. I discovered the pointing at a related table occurrence and back thing by accident. I was playing around looking at different ways to sort the data in the portal before creating the sort field in the join table, when I discovered that the sort fields "stuck" when I switched between related table occurrences. I could not find any documentation that mentioned being able to do this, so I did not know if it was a bug that might break something, or if it was a feature that I just did not know about.
  9. Valdrin

    A portal sorting question

    Hi all, I have a quick portal sorting question. I have have three related tables: People--<JoinPeopleGroups>--Groups I have a portal in a layout based on the Group table, that uses the "JoinPeopleGroups" table occurrence. The fields in the portal contains the names and some other information from the related People table. I wanted to sort the records in the portal alphabetically by name, but when I check the sort portal records in the Portal Setup Dialog, it only gives me the fields from the "JoinPeopleGroups" table. I found that if I temporarily point the portal to the People table, I can add the First and Last Name fields to the sort order, and that they stay in effect after I have pointed the portal back to the "JoinPeopleGroups" table. Is this a feature that I had missed before or is it something that is unreliable? Thanks in advance!
  10. Valdrin

    Need help with making a template system

    Right now the answer is no, you would not be able to add or delete the project's tasks. (The people involved were actually debating that very question at the last meeting. One of them wanted the added versatility of allowing changes, while the other thought that keeping the projects limited to what was in the templates would be easier to manage.)
  11. Hi all, Part of a solution I'm working on needs a section to assign students to various projects. Each projects is made up of 1-20 tasks from a list of about 100 tasks. I have set up the following tables: Students_Table Join_Students_Projects_Table Projects_Table Join_Taskes_Projects_Table Tasks_Table I want the users to create new "Project" records by choosing from a list of predefined templets, and I have thought of three ways to accomplish that task: 1) Just put a template flag field in the "Projects" table and use filtered portals for the list of templates. 2) Create a "Templates" table and store the TaskIDs in repeating fields. 3) Create "Template" table and a child table in which to store the TaskIDs. So after that long preamble my question is: which of the above methods would you recommend, or Is there a better way to make a template system that I have missed? Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated. Val
  12. I could not make much sense of that script either (it sets variables for the 42 merge fields that go along with the 42 portals). Thanks for your example, it is much easier to comprehend. I am not sure if filtering portals is really a great way to do a calendar, but it has been an interesting experience.
  13. LOL, I wholeheartedly agree with the last bit, setting up the 42 portals was a real pain. Back to my original question: I figured out that changing these two steps in the loop: Set Variable [ $varValue; Value:If ( Month ( $d ) = $thisMonth ; $d ; " " ) ] Set Variable [ $varType; Value:If ( Month ( $d ) = $thisMonth ; "Date" ; "Text" ) ] to this Set Variable [ $varValue; Value:$d ] Set Variable [ $varType; Value:"Date" ] would give me what I wanted, but I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the whole "Set Variable [ $garbage; Value:Let..." part at the end. I really don't like using things I don't understand, would anyone mind breaking it down for me? Thanks!
  14. True, but I thought that this was an interesting approach for making a calendar. It does use 42 portals for the layout, but it only needs one relationship between two tables: Interface and Events. Filtering is used on each portal to only show the events for that particular day. I know it only works in FM 11, but I seems like it might be a nice way to do a calendar.
  15. Hi all, I decided to try and build a simple calendar using portal filtering. I found a great article on the subject at here, and although it has been a great help, I am having trouble getting the calendar to display the date and events in all of the 42 portals (right now it just shows that information for the current month). Below is the script they used to set the variables and I just can't seem to modify it to show the information I want. Commit Records/Requests Set Variable [ $start; Value:GetAsDate ( Div ( interface::firstOfMonth ; 7 ) * 7 ) ] Set Variable [ $thisMonth; Value:Month ( interface::firstOfMonth ) ] Set Variable [ $n; Value:0 ] Loop Set Variable [ $n; Value:$n + 1 ] Exit Loop If [ $n > 42 ] Set Variable [ $d; Value:$start + $n - 1 ] Set Variable [ $varName; Value:"$$day" & Right ( "0" & $n ; 2 ) ] Set Variable [ $varValue; Value:If ( Month ( $d ) = $thisMonth ; $d ; " " ) ] Set Variable [ $varType; Value:If ( Month ( $d ) = $thisMonth ; "Date" ; "Text" ) ] Set Variable [ $garbage; Value:Let ( [ varName = If ( Left ( $varName ; 1) ≠ "$" ; "$" ) & $varName ; varType = GetValue ( FilterValues ( "Text¶Number¶Date¶Time¶Timestamp" ; $varType ) ; 1 ) ; varValue = $varValue ; f = "Let ( ~varName~ = ~varValue~ ; \"\" )" ; fGetAs = "Let ( ~varName~ = GetAsXX ( ~varValue~ ) ; \"\" )" ; formula = If ( IsEmpty ( $varType ) ; f ; Substitute ( fGetAs ; "XX" ; $varType ) ) ] ; EvaluationError ( Evaluate ( Substitute ( formula ; [ "~varName~" ; varName ] ; [ "~varValue~" ; Quote(varValue) ] ) // close Substitute ) ) // close Evaluate ) //close Let ] End Loop Refresh Window [ Flush cached join results ] I am really having a hard time parsing the script well enough to understand exactly what I need to change, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! -V

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