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  1. Mac mini core i7 16gb running fms 11 crashes 3 times a day on average. Last log event are error 10 or 51. Any suggestions?
  2. Yes, try this. Share a folder in your clients drive and mount it in your Server desktop and perform a manual export to this shared volume folder. Following exports must follow the same path.
  3. Is it possible to make a value list from a field to show in descending order? This is to show the last serial number generated instead of the first at the beggining not at the far long end of a value list. Help appreciated. Mauricio Platform: G5 / Version: OSX FileMaker Version: FM6 Platform: / Version: FileMaker Version: Platform: / Version: FileMaker Version:
  4. Right now I been running for 2 weeks a FM Server 5.5v4 for a small network where the only Mac is the Server in this case a G5. Users dont have any trouble at all running windows 98, millenium, XP, all with FM6 using the host button to get in. But if I run FM6 on the G5 server at the same time FM server 5.5v4 is running, the data bases get damaged when stopping the FM server config application, I suppouse. I am oppening the served databases using the host button on the G5 itself because I need to use the G5 as a client and as server at the same time. I cant discard FMS because of auto back ups. I havent been able to find out if doing this simultaneous running of FMS 5.5v4 and FM6 is the cause or not. But if you try to do it nothing will prevent you to do so. It even will look everything is ok until you close your FM6 and later closing the FM server 5.5v4 on the same machine will damage the files if you try to open them with FM6 alone, you will know at that moment, not before, that your files are damaged. If any one can confirm this happening or by doing it on your FM Server 5.5v4 with panther and FM6 on the same machine, maybe serving many computers, windows mainly, I will be grateful to know. Maybe we have a bug here to report. Mauricio Platform: G5 / Version: Panther FileMaker Version: FM Server 5.5v4 and FM6 Platform: / Version: FileMaker Version: Platform: / Version: FileMaker Version:
  5. I need to know how 2 users at different locations can access a file maker db with full scripting functionallity not with a web browser that limits scripts but with file maker pro application . Is it possible to have the same scripts functionalitty from remote locations compared with what you can do in a LAN? I just need to know the basic steps please. Help really appreciated. By the way I am trying a G5 with 10.3 working like server with a full time ADSL link at 256kbps with a static IP. What is needed for accesing the DB from a distant location using filemaker appart from using open remote and writting the server static IP? Something is not working because the server is not found . Thank you for your suggestions. Mauricio
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