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  1. Ed. Brilliant, worked a treat. Written that in my manual. Thanks
  2. Had 2 scripts on a database, one to backup on opening the database and one to backup the database when it was closed. Went into Scripts/Scriptmaker, highlighted each script individually and hit the Delete button, leaving no scripts in the database. Now on opening the database, I get the message, "This script cannot be found or has been deleted" I get the same message when I close the database. My manual says, page 10.10, "Important: When you delete a script, change scripts and buttons that refer to the deleted script" I really do not understand this as the scripts I wrote had only one line ie backup etc and refered to a folder on a drive where to backup to. Cannot find anything on FMP site, google or this site on how to get rid of the message "This script cannot be found or has been deleted" The message does not say what script the error refers to. Any assistance greatly appreciated.
  3. farl

    Edit Index List

    Mr E Springer. Many thanks for your detailed reply, it is very much appreciated. As a newbie to FMP I have printed out your instructions and will try to do it over the next few days.
  4. farl

    Edit Index List

    With a Field highlighted, using Ctrl I, brings up an Index list, which I use all the time. My Index list contains a lot of one off items and also a lot of item descriptions I use regularly. Is there any way in FMpro 6 to cull unwanted items out of the pop up index list.

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