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  1. seankelley

    Real time clock calculations?

    Ahhhh. what am i actually doing with it. I am making a "Backtimer" for live television productions. it visibly does a countdown to commercial break. we have a specific start time and specific commercial break times that are listed on our rundown. I import the rundown into Filemaker and get all of the segment times based on all of the item times.(simple calc's) as we are doing the show, we could be over or under our target time for commercial break. i need to be able to type notes and change item times in the active record while we are in the middle of that item. this is where the script is killing me. i cant type in the same window while the ontimer install script is running. i can create a new window and stop the ontimer script in that window and edit every other record but the active record. but that gets very clunky going back and forth between windows. hit me with an email and i will email you a sample file. macseankelley@mac.com
  2. seankelley

    Real time clock calculations?

    I have the backtimer working with an ontimer install script. however, with the script running at every 1 second interval, it renders the rest of the fields un-usable for data entry because the script leaves the active field to the get current time field. thats why i'm looking for a real time function clock that calculations can be based on. i need to use the database while the clock calculations are taking place in the background. the web viewer concept is promising but i can't figure out how to extract the numerical values in real time. thanks so much for your help. added note: What do you need to do with the time once you have it? the get (CurrentTime) function only grabs the time when you leave the field and return to it. or click on it. i need to see a real time countdown clock for each record when it becomes the active record.
  3. seankelley

    Real time clock calculations?

    I'm almost there... with GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( ObjectName ; "content" ) i do get the HTML from the web viewer. however when i point the text function at the part of the HTML where i think i should be, i just get the text of the HTML, not the resulting number. i'm using this clock from Brian Dunning web page and it works perfect. <html> <head> <title>JavaScript Clock</title> <style type="text/css"> #clock { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 0.8em; color: white; background-color: black; border: 2px solid purple; padding: 4px; } </style> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- function init ( ) { timeDisplay = document.createTextNode ( "" ); document.getElementById("clock").appendChild ( timeDisplay ); } function updateClock ( ) { var currentTime = new Date ( ); var currentHours = currentTime.getHours ( ); var currentMinutes = currentTime.getMinutes ( ); var currentSeconds = currentTime.getSeconds ( ); // Pad the minutes and seconds with leading zeros, if required currentMinutes = ( currentMinutes < 10 ? "0" : "" ) + currentMinutes; currentSeconds = ( currentSeconds < 10 ? "0" : "" ) + currentSeconds; // Choose either "AM" or "PM" as appropriate var timeOfDay = ( currentHours < 12 ) ? "AM" : "PM"; // Convert the hours component to 12-hour format if needed currentHours = ( currentHours > 12 ) ? currentHours - 12 : currentHours; // Convert an hours component of "0" to "12" currentHours = ( currentHours == 0 ) ? 12 : currentHours; // Compose the string for display var currentTimeString = currentHours + ":" + currentMinutes + ":" + currentSeconds + " " + timeOfDay; // Update the time display document.getElementById("clock").firstChild.nodeValue = currentTimeString; } // --> </script> </head> <body onload="updateClock(); setInterval('updateClock()', 1000 )"> <div style="clear: both;"> </div> <div style="width: 10em; text-align: left; margin: 0px auto;"> <span id="clock"> </span> </div> </body> </html>
  4. seankelley

    Real time clock calculations?

    i have FMP12, thanks for the sample, when i try to do this with the web viewer , i can't figure out where to point the text function for the parsing.
  5. seankelley

    Real time clock calculations?

    thanks john, sounds promising, i will try this and let you know if i can make it work.
  6. seankelley

    Real time clock calculations?

    I need to make a countdown clock based on a specified time duration. for example, "item time" = 0:00:45. i need a calculation that will uses "item time" to countdown a "break time".
  7. seankelley

    Real time clock calculations?

    thanks lee, i was hoping i was missing something.
  8. Hello, I've been using filemaker for quite some time and tried to use it to build a "backtimer" log for Live television applications. however, after much searching, i cannot find a "real time running clock" function or plug in that allows a field to be updated with the "current time" in real time(system clock every second). a script does now work for my application as i need to be able to use the database to type notes as the time calc runs in the background. I have not been able to get a web viewer window to work because i still need a script to update the field every second. In my search i have read several times that filemaker cannot do this. I find this hard to believe. Any help is much appreciated. Thx,
  9. seankelley

    Printing Problem Never Exerienced Before

    make sure you not have not chose "current record" in the print selector menu for filemaker. "records browsed" should be selected for printing reports. this bags me all the time.
  10. seankelley

    value list not recognized in portal sort

    thanks for your insight. i thought i was going crazy.
  11. I have a portal with title's & names. i have specified a sort order for the portal based on value list from another file. the sort it returns is alphabetical. when i change the sort order to ascending or descending the sort function works fine. when i select any sort order found in the "specify" box it does not seem to recognize the list and defaults to a alphabetical order. this has only occured since migrating to 7. it worked perfect in 5.5 any thoughts??

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