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  1. Running a counter script

    Hey guys, Easy. It was a question. If you don't want to answer it, don't. As far as the remark for looking, I did look and sometimes unless you know how to look for your answer you never seem to find it. As far as being too freakin' lazy, I don't feel the need to address that remark, sir. I thank everyone who helped, appreciate it.
  2. Running a counter script

    Steve or Justin, Can you show me the entire form you are using? Thanks
  3. Running a counter script

    Steve and Justin, Going to give your example a try. Still have a few bugs with mine. I may have a few questions for you guys. Thanks for helping. Trying to get a decent grasp of this cdml.
  4. Running a counter script

    Here is what I have come up with so far. I am using scripts whether it's bad or not. Maybe there is a better way, but for now this works. I have re-written the counter script to include a sub script, that finds and sorts. Vote1Counter script: SetField["vote1counter", "vote1counter+1"] Perform Script [sub-scripts, vote1Find] Find/Sort script: Is a simple find and sort script. Then on the htm page: I use the code: <form action="FMPro" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="-DB" value="vote.fp5"> <input type="hidden" name="-Format" value="vote_results.htm"> <input type="hidden" name="-RecID" value="[FMP-CurrentRecID]"> <input type="hidden" name="-Script" value="fault1Counter"> <input type="hidden" name="vote1" value="f010" size=3> <input type="submit" name="-find" value="Vote"> </form>
  5. Running a counter script

    Justin, I am trying the [FMP-Record] <form> </form> [/FMP-Record] and it doesn't seem to work. It is still updating the first record (choice). Maybe I am not doing something right. KT
  6. Running a counter script

    Actually it was John Caballero and Henry who provided the script.
  7. Running a counter script

    The script is: SetField["vote1Count","vote1Count+1"] I think it was Vaughn or Lee that helped me with this a few months ago when I saw FileMeker for the first time. KT
  8. Running a counter script

    Ok I'm using the script tags. The list of choices is now displayed on the page with the Counter button next to it. When you click on a button, the first choices gets the vote. No matter which button you click on, the first choice's voting tally changes. The sorting works. If I go into the database and vote for different choices to change the tallies, and then go back onto the web page and refresh or vote again, then the choices change position according to number of votes. Here is the form I'm using: <form action="FMPro" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="-DB" value="vote.fp5"> <input type="hidden" name="-Format" value="vote_results.htm"> <input type="hidden" name="-script" value="vote1Counter"/> <input type="hidden" name="vote1" value="f010" size=3> <input type="hidden" name="-SortField" value="vote1Count"> <input type="hidden" name="-SortOrder" value="descend"> <input type="submit" name="-find" value="submit"/> </form> I'm not sure how to make each button displayed specific to that choice. Hopefully some can assist me. Thanks, KT
  9. If I have a counter script that is used to count how many times a record was chosen from a list of records, how can I make a button using CDML to run the script and display the new results while sorting the list from smallest to largest? Basically what I want to do is have the viewer choose a from a list of general topics. Then a list of choices is displayed for each topic. Then by clicking on a button they get to vote for their favorite choice. The counter script tallies the voting for them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Just beginning

    My feelings exactly. Now, I have made a few examples with the db open. I'll see what they think.
  11. Just beginning

    This is a site on a company's intranet. They do not want some of the databases open unless they are opened by the user and they want them to close the database when they are finished using it. I know I have tried to explain, but that is what they want.
  12. Just beginning

    Thanks Unable, I am trying to figure out a few things. The way I have a site right now on my computer is as follows: I have a web site consisting of htm files in the web folder. I use a database that contains different functions. I also have other databases that the site may use but not always. So I want the user to be able to open and close the different dbs as needed. I will check out the samples you have posted. Thanks.
  13. Just beginning

    OK,I have inserted the DbOpen script onto my htm page and I created an htm page to view the db once the db is launched. What happens is that the view db page opens and is blank. I have tried a number of things with no result. I am not sure if I need additional cdml. I have created search and editing pages that work, but I have to manually go into FMpro and launch the db first. My goal is to click on a button on the htm page to launch the db and then perform the searching and editing. This is what I get in the address once the Open db button is clicked on: http://localhost/FMPro?-Db=demo.fp5&-format=//localhost/01_proc_pad/format_file.htm-input%20type= Hopefully this might provide some clues.
  14. Counter question

    Now I'm following you. Lots of little words helps my brain. I will try it on my test db. The working db is located on the FMpro server and our administrator is off until Monday. So until then i have to work with my test located on my C drive. I believe it should still work. I am still working on the no-password problem. I have looked into the test db about the password problem. And after reconfiguring it what seemed like a few thousand times I think I figured it out. And John you are correct. I know I have to give some editing capability to the no-password and then in a layout they are able to view turn off the allow entry into filed under the behaviors for field format. I think this might solve my no-password issues.
  15. Counter question

    John, I'm trying to follow you, but I think I'm going to have to think about what you are saying for a while. Could you provide a little more detail. I'm sorry for my ignorance but thankful for any help. So far my learning curve has been very steep, thanks to you guys.

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