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  1. Thank you so much for your help - I accessed the thread regarding FM Server and OSX and I'll give this to our IS/IT administrator. We are serving from OSX! This information is invaluable. Thanks again--- Barbara
  2. I'm not certain where to post this question - it's fairly elementary, but something I'm unable to figure out. I use FMP Developer 6 to develop a DB being served off a MAC to both Mac and Windows machines. In all layouts of data entry, I have a close button that goes to a main menu that indicates the user needs to go to FILE and then QUIT. However, every time I access the files on the server and open them up to make a change or two, or just run reports, a text box opens saying that the file wasn't closed properly - no matter the file. I'm afraid this is causing a lot of damage to the files. Has anyone run across this? I read some articles on this, and they state that improperly closed files usually happen when the machine has been shut down when FMP is still running. This never happens - all programs are shut down before any of our computers are shut down. Could this be a server issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance-- Barbara

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