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  1. Hello all-- Not a big deal, but can Admin Console notifications (on an OnPrem server) be displayed in PDT instead of UTC? I took the screenshot below on 7/8/20 but as you can see the 4th notification shows a 7/9/20 timestamp. I can't find an fmsadmin command to change this, is there a way? Thanks very much.
  2. I know that FM Pro 13.0v9 can't open a database hosted on FM Server 13.0v5. But is the inverse true as well? That is, can FM Pro 13.0v5 open a database that's hosted on FMS 13.0v9? Many thanks--
  3. Hello all, I'm exporting CSV files from FM Pro 13 on a Mac, with the first row containing field names and the second row containing one record of data. Our client's business rules require that the end-of-record delimiter specifically be CRLF (Carriage Return + Line Feed) instead of just CR. I've tried various export options/formats but FM seems to only give me CR as the delimiter. I imagine it can be done by post-processing the CSVs, but does anyone know if/how it can be accomplished natively in FM? And if you have any suggestions for the post-processing approach, I'd be interested in
  4. Hi Joe, I'm using ScriptMaster 4.205 with FM Advanced 12.0.5 on a Mac running OS 10.9. I'm getting the java.lang.NullPointerException error when I run a script in the SM demo file (see attached) and also when I run it compiled in my solution. Â Â Have you been able to reproduce this error with 4.205, 12.0.5 and 10.9? Â Many thanks-- Steve
  5. I wish I could edit the name of this topic, I'd change it to 'Getting the Nth occurrence of a word word or phrase selected in a field'. I'm still unable to get the Nth occurrence of a 2- or 3-word phrase.
  6. That's a nice function Michael, thanks for sharing that. Â Can I make it work when more than one words are selected? Â As you can see in this screenshot, the Data Viewer returns a result of 0 when three words are selected: Â Â I'm hoping to see a result of 2 in this situation, as in this is the second occurrence of the string 'here's a link'. Â I'm trying to provide a way for my users to select a word (or words) in a simple data entry field and click a button which will then insert a hyperlink in a companion 'html code' field based on the selected text. Trying to enable them to build
  7. By 'text string' I meant a contiguous selection of two or more words, such as really big fish; I'm sorry if I used the wrong term. I'll check out your custom function.
  8. This is a great start, the only problem is if the word 'week' is the last word in the field, the formula will also see 'weekly', 'weeks', and 'weekend' earlier in the field and return a result of 4 instead of 1. Is there a workaround? Thanks very much.
  9. Hello all-- Â With a script parameter connected to a button, it's easy to determine how many times a particular word appears in a field. But how can I determine the Nth occurrence of a word or text string that's currently selected in the field? Â In the attached screenshot, the second occurrence of the word 'text' is selected. What's the best way to obtain a result of '2' when testing for this? Â Thank you in advance.
  10. Yes that's another good idea, a calc field would be un-editable no matter what. Many thanks to you both.
  11. Ah you're right, not specifying the field did the trick. But now here's something weird that I wasn't expecting... If you click the 'go to tab 2' button in my attached sample file, the text is selected as desired but it's EDITABLE! The field in tab 2 is actually defined to disallow data entry in browse mode, but I am still able to add or delete text until I commit the record. Does this have something to do with the object stacking order or some other layout behavior? Is there any way around this, because I can't allow my users to edit text in the 2nd tab. Thanks very much for your
  12. Hello, all-- Â When switching tabs, any text that had been selected in the original tab is no longer selected in the second tab. Â original tab: subsequent tab: An OnTabSwitch trigger, calling this simple script, didn't solve the problem; it seems like the conclusion of the script causes a jump back to tab1: Â Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks very much! Â Â
  13. I can get an attachment (a small jpeg) from a sent email into a container field. And the html has been read into a text field. But I can't figure out how to make that jpeg appear as an inline graphic in the webviewer. I guess conceptually I'm looking for a way to change src="cid:F119C926-4C71-4558-8005-83E1BF95D671" to src="cid:<the file in the container field"> but obviously html doesn't recognize FM tables & fields. How is it done? Many thanks--
  14. Hello all, Am evaluating the plug-in for possible purchase (Enterprise license). I need to import sent messages from a mailbox into an FM table every morning. Works well, except that inline images are not showing up in the FM WebViewer; I get blue/white 'image missing' question mark icons where the images should be. Here's a code fragment: EmailReadMessages ( "progress=true" ; "mailbox=Sent Messages" ; "attachments=true" ; "skip=" & ema_PRF__kx::skip ; "readonly=false" ; ) Do I also need to call EmailAttachFileInline?
  15. Gastion, I found a solution in a post from a couple years ago. I followed these steps and registration works for me now: I believe that The Send Email With Authentication module also requires that you import a .jar file, so you will need to copy The mail.jar file from The scriptmaster Jar Libraries into a container in your own database, and then call SMLoadJar (container with mail.jar in it) in a set variable script step before The set variable step which registers The Send Mail module. You will have to add two script steps to your opening file: Set Variable: $loadjar - SMLoadJar(you
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