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    Can't use concurrent events using oazium events. I have two fields both using validation by calculation and each one specifying oazium addevent function. The problem is when an event is activated after another event had been deployed before, only the last event to be activated works even if both are defined as persistent. If I have just one event defined everything is ok. Seems like the second event to be activated overwrites the first. Need some help please. Thanks.
  2. Hi List!!! We have two different problems using Inline code: 1) First problem When we use this code (search and update): [inline: -Search, -Database='Contacts', -Table='People', -FMScript='DTcreate', -KeyField='recID', 'username'=(Field:'username')] [inline: -Update, -Database='Contacts', -Table='People', -KeyField='recID', -KeyValue=(field:'recID'), 'name'=(Var:'name'), 'email'=(Var:'email'), 'Address'=(Var:'Address'), 'ZipCode'=(Var:'ZipCode'), 'Phone'=(Var:'Phone'), 'City'=(Var:'City')] [/inline] [/inline] The errors generated by File Maker are ignored! In FM we are validating the phone number with the zip code since in our country the phone number is associated with the zip code. In case the phone number matches the zip code FMP accepts the data and the record is updated, if not the data is rejected and an error occurs. When the error occurs in the database nothing happens. The fields that were changed remain with the same information, and lasso reports nothing serving the html reporting your changes where made. 2) Second problem (different set of htmls and different database) The Update command only works if i have an error (for example a required field is left empty). If I fill all the fields the update doesn't work! Sometimes happens a strange thing: in spite of doing an Update, FMP ignores the -KeyField='recID' updating the first record in the database. [inline: -Search, -Database='Contacts', -Table='People', -KeyField='recID', 'username'=(Field:'username')] [inline: -Update, -Database='Contacts', -Table='People', -KeyField='recID', -KeyValue=(field:'recID'), 'name'=(Var:'name'), 'email=(Var:'email'), 'Address'=(Var:'Address'), 'ZipCode'=(Var:'ZipCode'), 'City'=(Var:'City')] [/inline] [/inline] We noted that the Inline tag is the first command to be executed. Is there anyway of changing this situation, and execute it at the end? Hardware and software setup: We are using WebStar V, lasso 6 (with AutoValidate 1.5.1) and FMP 5.5 Unlimited, each running on different xServers system X 10.2.8. Each application is running alone. In case of AutoValidate, we have the same results with or without it. Best Regards!
  3. Hi I need some advice regarding Lasso error reports. For example on a form with 10 fields, all required, the user forgets to enter data on one of the fields. How can I on an error page, identify that particular field that was left blank. Or in case the entered data is incorrect on a specific field, how can I alert the user that that particular field has incorrect data. Thanks Daniel

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