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  1. I have two users who cannot use ANY scripts in the database. This is a file we've had for about 5 years. Once a year we make a copy of the file and it's our new database for the next fiscal year. We've never had a problem. I'm using FM 11.0v1 on a Mac using OSX 10.9 and everything is fine and dandy. No issues. Another user on a Mac is also fine. However, I have two users on Windows (one user on Windows XP sp3 and another on Windows 8) using two different versions of FM (8.5v 1 and 11.0 v1) who cannot run any scripts. If you start any script, it doesn't run. I've even tried creating simple scripts that simply change a field to "9" and they still don't run. Yet, everything works fine on the Macs. The file we're using is hosted on FileMaker server and we open remotely. I've tried also opening it locally and it still doesn't work on the Windows machines. It doesn't seem to be the version of FM - I'm wondering if Windows issued some patch that affected this recently. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  2. What's important to us is always knowing how old the person will be as of July 1st 2007 (if that is the season we're working on - we're a summer camp business, so we start working on Summer 07 in the middle of summer 06). But what we need to know is as of July 1st, 2007 how old someone is. So, for someone who was born in June 2000 - any day in the month - they should be 7years 1 month. For someone born in July 2000, 7 years, 0 months. May 2000, 6 years, 11 months. Does that make sense?
  3. Which of those calcs would be best to customize to my needs? I need to have the result formatted as "10.02" - meaning 10 years, 2 months. Any ideas? I've having a tough time wrapping my brain around this...
  4. I"m having a tough time determining client's ages. I've pasted what I'm using below... I tried a few different things... however depending if I'm looking before Dec 31st in the year previous to the future date (ie Dec 30/2006) - the date as of July 1st/2007 isn't right. However, I think after January 1st it's ok... Can someone please offer some help? CALCULATION 1(Age) 2007- Year (dob) - If ( Date(Month (dob) ; Day (dob) ; "2007") > Date (7;1;2007);1;0) + If ( Month ( dob )=1; .05; If ( Month ( dob )=2; .04; If ( Month ( dob )=3; .03; If ( Month ( dob )=4; .02; If ( Month ( dob )=5; .01; If ( Month ( dob )=6; 0; If ( Month ( dob )=7; .11; If ( Month ( dob )=8; ".10"; If ( Month ( dob )=9; .09; If ( Month ( dob )=10; .08; If ( Month ( dob )=11; .07; If ( Month ( dob )=12; .06;0)))))))))))) CALCULATION 2(AGESEASON): 2007- Year (dob) - If ( Date(Month (dob) ; Day (dob) ; "2007") > Date (7;1;2007);1;0) + If ( Month ( dob )=1; .05; If ( Month ( dob )=2; .04; If ( Month ( dob )=3; .03; If ( Month ( dob )=4; .02; If ( Month ( dob )=5; .01; If ( Month ( dob )=6; 0; If ( Month ( dob )=7; .11; If ( Month ( dob )=8; ".10"; If ( Month ( dob )=9; .09; If ( Month ( dob )=10; .08; If ( Month ( dob )=11; .07; If ( Month ( dob )=12; .06;0)))))))))))) CALCULATION 3 (STAFF) Year (Get(CurrentDate))- Year (Date of Birth)- If(Date(Month(Date of Birth);Day(Date of Birth);Year(Get(CurrentDate))) + If ( Month ( Date of Birth )=1; .05; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=2; .04; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=3; .03; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=4; .02; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=5; .01; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=6; 0; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=7; .11; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=8; .1; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=9; .09; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=10; .08; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=11; .07; If ( Month ( Date of Birth)=12; .06;0))))))))))))
  5. My DYMO was working fine for me in 8.0v3 and then I tried out 8.5 and it was printing blank labels so I downgraded back to 8.0v3 and they're still blank. Grrrr. Any suggestions? It really is annoying that FileMaker "fixes" things that aren't broken when they upgrade..... btw I'm using OSX 10.4.7
  6. SD - this is getting all a bit too technical for me - I'm a pretty basic user without extensive programming/scripting/calculation experience. Can you make it clearer for me? I'm not sure which calculation to alter and how to do it. Thanks for all your help so far!
  7. Shuold I expect that even if I'm the person making the change in another open window?? Because if I make a change or add an advance in one window, the total advances for that staff member will update on the FORM layout (therefore I assume the change has been committed) and then switch to another open window with the American Payroll, it isn't updated. However, if I were to change the salary on the FORM layout, it will update both individual and summary fields on the Payroll layout. Are you saying that because the Staff Member's Advance total is a sum from another table it isn't refreshing? Interestingly, after you make a change and go to the Payroll layout, and click into the staff member's Total Advances, it will update itself, but the summary field doesn't update. Is there a way to force it to automatically recalculate?
  8. You don't make the change on the American Payroll layout - it's if someone else is working in teh database and makes a change or something - Salary automatically updates but the Advances & Advance Summary field do not.
  9. Ok now the ADP Adv Summary field is correct (changed to a summary field) - thanks for catching that. However, it's only correct if no changes are made while on the American payroll layout - if you change the salary, it is automatically updated, alas taht's not the same for Advances.... any idea why that isn't updating?
  10. Still no luck. Do this. Open two windows (impt) - one to the American Payroll layout, the other to the Form view. Find All. In the American Payroll, see that pat Meadors has ADP Advs of $0.00, and notice the summary field isn't the correct total for all 6 records (yet the other summary fields are right). Rather than giving the total, it's only showing the value of the current record. Now, on the Form view, go to Pat Meadors record and add a $200 advance. Go back to the American Payroll Report in the other window and notice that nothing has changed. Click into Pat's ADP Adv field and the 0 changes to a 200. However, if you were to change her Earned Salary on the Form Page on the Staff Info tab, it would instantly update in the other layout. So I guess there are 2 issues - 1) Total Advance information isn't being updated on the American Payroll layout when it is modified on the Form. 2) The Summary field isn't calculating properly.
  11. Old field names from a file that kept getting migrated from an older version of FM - most of them are gone now... Any suggestions on the summary fields?
  12. I have a staff file ste up as follows: Each staff member has a gross salary field, as well as a portal to another table that creates advances for that staff member as needed. So EmployeeA could have 3 entries in the advance table that total $60 (this result is computed from the original table, using a calc called Advances_total (def: Sum ( Advances::Advance_Amount ) + Cash_Advance_100), where Cash_Advance_100 is simply a number. I then have a report that lists all staff with their total Salary and total Advances, and at the bottom of the report, I have a summary field that calculates the Total Salaries of everyone in the found set, as well as another summary field that Totals all Advances for everyone. The problem arises when you add, delete or change an entry in the advances table - the summary field that totals advances doesn't update itself. Nor does the Total Advances field for that staff member (when on the report that lists everyone). If you click into the field on the report, it will update, but the summary field will remain unchanged. Where did I go wrong? Can anyone provide me with some help? Thanks in advance! 06tlctaff_Clone.fp7.zip
  13. We host our file in house using FileMaker sharing so all of our employees can access the database. However, the host printed something the other day LANDSCAPE and now it defulats to landscape on everyone else's computers - same thing they switch printers (to a label printer) - everything comes out on 8x11 but only prints what would fit within the margins of a label. Any ideas?
  14. I have about 20 workstations at my office, each with their own seperate liscence. Computer1 hosts DatabaseA with Sharing on - Computer1 shows up in everyone else's Open Remote Dialog, however the file doesn't show up (In case you ask, the checkbox for "don't show this file in open remote" isn't checked). However, if I host DatabaseA on Computer2, 3, 4, etc, it will appear in everyone's Open Remote, including Computer1. Any ideas why this would be happening?
  15. I have several tabs on a layout and each tab pulls informaiton from a few different tables... is there a way to restrict access to certain tabs using permission sets? Or do I have to restrict access to certain tables and the fields will just come up as denied? The problem with the latter is that a user should have access to SOME information in one table... Advice?
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