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    Using an additional database folder

    That was it. The problem was solved by setting both the group/owner and file permissions to match those of the default database directory. Thanks very much. bk
  2. I've got a client setting up FM Server 9 Advanced on a Mac OS X Server (10.5.6). There's a regular 280 GB internal drive and another, internal 550 GB RAID drive mounted as a regular volume. (It's formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled).) I cannot get the FM Server Administration tool to recognize the path to the RAID as valid. I have confirmed that another directory on the main drive will resolve correctly, but cannot duplicate this with the RAID. This is not a remote drive, which I understand cannot work. Has anyone seen this behavior, or offer any clues? Thanks very much. Bill Krauss
  3. sydlexic

    FMU Unexpectedly Quitting

    That was a typo. I'm using 6.0v4, with the recently updated Web Companion files.
  4. sydlexic

    FMU Unexpectedly Quitting

    Greetings from a new member... I recently moved from a Win2K server to a dual-G4 XServe (running OS X 10.3.1, Apache 1.3.28, PHP4.3.4, FX.php and FMU 6.0v2). While configuring the machine, everything seemed to work fine, but as soon as we swapped servers I started getting the FM freezes that jfurness has experienced. It was happening 3-4 times/day, and got so bad that we went back to the Win2K machine until we get it sorted out. We've got a FM support tech working on it, but he seems as baffled as we are. Has anyone found a solution for this problem? I've got another one that perhaps someone has seen: Sometimes (let's say "semi-reliably") FMU will just quit cold when a particular PHP file sends its request to Web Companion. We have to restart FMU and go through the whole file consistency check process. It happens on both the Win2K and Apple servers. The file is more complicated than most, but not essentially different from others that work fine. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Regards, sydlexic
  5. I started getting this error after I downloaded the .bin file of the most recent (11/2003) update of FX. After searching without success for the problem, I tried downloading the .zip file and using that instead. The problem disappeared.

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