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  1. Jane Doe has viewing and editing privileges to only her records. I believe the problem lies in that the first record is not hers so she doesn't have rights to view it and IWP hiccups.
  2. UPDATE: I read the Double-Clicking Disaster thread which appears to mirror my findings but the only real solution from there was to enable Export privileges, which I did for all users, to no avail. Didn't work.
  3. Migrated to new post "IWP crashes When User Has no Display Privileges "
  4. I have some fp5 files hosted on a FMServer and then served up as web pages using FMPU and IWP. These files have access privileges that only let users view and edit their own records (Teacher = "Jane Doe" for example). If Jane Doe uses FM Pro to open the file, the initial record is not hers so she gets "No Access" (which bit me at first) but upon browsing more, I find that it works as suggested and that Jane Doe can view her records, just nobody elses. However, if Jane Doe browses to the webified version of the file and logs in, instead of that No Access message she gets kicked back out to the index list page. Further clicking of the file gives "Database Not Open: Unable to process your request because the database "Teacher Files.fp5" is not open." I goto FMPU and the file seems to have reverted to Jane Doe's privileges. That is, I see "No Access" where before I was admin and saw every record. Further study reveals that I only can view Jane Doe's records. Weird. In summary, FMPU had opened files with Admin privileges and webified using IWP. Jane Doe logs into webpage, enters her password and it spits her out of the webpage back to the directory listing. Meanwhile it appears to change the login of the file at the FMPU side from Admin to Jane Doe (which appears to also have the consequence of giving me the Database Not Open message). PS. If I give Jane Doe view all permissions, it works fine, but I won't do that. What am I missing? Anybody using IWP to host files with access privileges restricting who can display/view records?
  5. Amend that last post. I figured out what is going on, partly. I get the No Access messages because the user I login as would normally display another user's information FIRST, but since that user has no display privileges except to himself, he cannot access the data, but he can find his own and view it. No problem there. However I still have a problem> It would appear that for the cases where a user would open a file and the initial record is one where they have no display rights, IWP for some reason crashes and the file becomes un-hosted by FMPU. Any ideas why?
  6. Update 2: Ok, I have a slight problem. My setup works as previously posted, until I dig deeper. Here is my problem: The files I host are for certain users to add sensitive notes in, so each user has a password assigned and that password allows them to only view/edit their specific records matching their name. For one user, this works properly and they click on their file from the FMPU webpage and they get in. For every other user, they click on their file and it takes them back to the same webpage. Trying again gives "Database Not Open: Unable to process your request because the database xxx.fp5 is not open". Looking at FMPU, that specific file is open but all the fields are <No Access> and you have to close and re-open the file. The same user works every time. There is no difference between users, and about 30 users don't work per file. I have 7 files that do the exact same thing, all having different users and consequently each has a different user who works. The error file in the FMP6 directory only gives the useless message "An Exception has occurred!!!. Most likely FMPro ran out of memory for this request." I have plenty of memory and this message occurs even immediately after reboot. There is no memory problem. Help!!! Any clues?
  7. Update: I have this working as you said with the Open[] command and using the password in Document Preferences.
  8. More info. The script I have SHOULD work. It works sort of then just kinda stops. Looks like a bug or something to me. Details. I am doing my Option 1 from previous post. Startup.fp5 with no password. Script set to run upon Opening that basically runs the OPEN URL with these lines: fmp5://password@FMServer/FileA.fp5 fmp5://password@FMServer/FileB.fp5 fmp5://password@FMServer/FileC.fp5 fmp5://password@FMServer/FileD.fp5 fmp5://password@FMServer/FileE.fp5 fmp5://password@FMServer/FileF.fp5 Here is what happens. It will open FileA and FileB one time, but apparently none of the others. (Yes they are all there and hosted.) Next running will open none of the files. Come back in a few minutes and do it again and it opens FileA and FileC. It never opens all of them. Any ideas as to why the script doesn't complete? Help...so close.
  9. I don't understand how this helps me. I have done like you, make a Startup fp5 with a password (same as the files it opens afterwards). That file with its startup scripts works great, opens the other files. The problem lies with opening this Startup.fp5 via command line when it has that password attached. Pretend you need to run it as a scheduled task, how would you do it and input the password it needs? PS. I am looking at 2 different methods right now. 1, as suggested, leave no password on the Startup.fp5 file and use OPEN URL statements in a script to allow me to open files with passwords. That sounds great but I have the above-mentioned problem where it seems to work once and then is not repeatable. 2, is to set the Startup.fp5 file with the same password and open the hosted files with the script, when it passes the credentials through. This is good except how do you open this password-protected file with a command line. I tried the fmp5:// url method but this machine is FMPro not Server so I am guessing it wont work, since it hasn't yet. any thoughts?
  10. Duh. Yeah, that works of course. Just tested it. Except the previous suggestion of using fmp5:// OPEN URL syntax isn't working so well. It worked great the first time I tried. Then I went to duplicate it and nothing happened. The processing icon appeared but no database opened. Tried again few minutes later..same thing....database opened, I closed it, repeated script, nothing happened. Any ideas?
  11. That looks very promising. I can't wait to try it out. Thank you. I have a couple of days before I can get to that customer again though so no immediate gratification. Since it looks like this startup script method will probably work, the next thing I need to do is to get an fp5 file open via the command prompt. (Only because I will make a script that allows me to open the fp5 file on the FMPU workstation, while running the command from another machine. This allows me to bring up the hosted files which get converted with IWP to a web page without having to actually visit the workstation doing the web-serving. I have a tool to connect to a remote windows machine, and run commands as if local so that part isnt an issue.) Most programs can do something like "application.exe -open file.txt" like "notepad.exe file.txt" opens the file. I tried running filemaker like that and it didnt appear to accept any flags. "filemaker.exe Startup.fp5" and other variants do nothing. (Ok, since I am not in front of a FM machine, I dont quite remember the filemaker executable name, probably not filemaker.exe) How might this be accomplished?
  12. I have seen others ask this question, but havent seen an answer to the exact thing I need. Little background. Have a FMPro Unlimited workstation that hosts files from a separate FM Server, publishing it to HTML using IWP. These files are password protected with the same full-access password. Got an idea from this list to create a new file (Startup.fp5) on the FMPU workstation with a startup script that opens the remote files. I set the same full-access password on this new Startup.fp5 file and the script works great. My next step is to get the opening of this Startup.fp5 file scripted so that I can run it remotely. If it helps, pretend I need to open this password protected file using Scheduled Tasks. So...How do I script the opening of the Startup.fp5 file which has a password. I am running it on Windows 2000. If it were a Mac, I could use this applescript: tell application "FileMaker" open "Startup.fp5" with "PASSWORD" end tell So I figure I have two possible routes that I dont know how to do: 1) Figure out the same applescript thing for Windows Scripting Host. 2) Figure out if the FileMaker scripting can enter in a password when opening a file. Based on what responses similar questions have generated, let me add that removing the passwords is not an option. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jason

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