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  1. I wish to create a repair form of inventoried items. I would like to do a search for 1) main category of the item and then 2) the item itself in a separate form. From this search use a button to go to the repair form that will display all the searched items pertinent information in the upper part for reference. To date when I do the search it changes the second field
  2. Attempting to do the following and not sure how to proceed. I have several 2-way radios that are programmed differently. Channel 1 may be Dispatch on one radio where the other may be channel 2 for dispatch. Each radio has over 50 channels. I would like to use tabs to show channels 1-25 in one tab and 26-50 in the other. I have a table with the frequencies I will be using. Another table has the radio information (name, serial # etc). Obviously there is no common link between the two tables. Is there a way, in the tab, I can click on a filed called channel 1 and the list of frequencies pops up in a menu or list to be selected, then go to channel 2 and do the same. Not sure how to set up the relationship, if there is one. Thanks

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