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  1. First thing is I am a producer, not a programmer, so my question will not be couched in technical terms. But I have an issue concerning a runtime FM database distributed on a CD ROM, and don't feel my programmers' explanation adequately explains it. This is a Membership Directory produced for a client who distributes it to their members. The first time someone inserts the disc into a PC (they said also Mac but may be mistaken) they see a log-in screen before they open the program. All they have to do is hit cancel to proceed, but there is no reason for this screen to be there and we would like to remove it. My programmer says inserting the disc is automatically creating a key in the windows registry which is producing this result, and that he has no control over it. It only happens the first time someone inserts the disc. Can anyone confirm this explanation and help me understand why is happens, or provide an alternate explanation as to what is happening and how we can fix it. I need to give the client some answers, and am a bit baffled by the whole thing. Thanks for your help. Lee

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