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  1. Thank you very much, this was just the information I was looking for. Does this also mean I can retain my background highlights that cover entire list lines without a top border gap when upgrading from 6 to 8?
  2. Loknar

    Naming & Saving PDFs

    You can also save a temp pdf with a standard print dialog and use troi file plug-in to rename and copy the pdf to the desired location. This way, the script can have subsequent steps. www.troi.com
  3. Sorry, that was a bit too short: The first part of your script is only necessary if the user will not hit the save button from the record you want to come back to. Else, you can simply start by setting the IDglobal to ID (Your "Set Field ["gtext", "serial"]") and the script I suggested will be completely sufficient. And it doesn't require nested scripts.
  4. That's just actually just what I tried to suggest in the first place.
  5. Try this: Define a relationship from an IDglobal to an ID. In the script, set IDglobal to ID. Save, find and sort at wish. Go to related record (IDglobal to ID, show only related off) In list view, you would want to add scroll down and scroll to location to ensure that the record is actually visible (top of the list). (The record has to be in the found set, else FM will show all to display the related rec - and unsort)

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