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  1. Hi everyone, sorry for asking this but I am still pretty new to FileMaker. Basically I want to create a general password with restricted access which I left as blank and a Master password which has full access. I set Try default password to blank as well so whenever I open the database it will enter it with restricted access. From the help files, it says that I will have the choice of entering the Master Password if I hold down the Option key in Macs and Shift in Windows. However under Mac OS X whenever i try holding down the option key and opening the file I never get the choice, but it works in Mac OS 9. I am aware that if i make a script in another database with the password set to the Master Password and I get that script to open the file I can get full access but I just want a solution as to why FileMaker doesnt allow me the option of entering a password under OS X. Has anyone else had this occur, and how did they deal with it? Thanks for any info you can provide. P.S. I am currently using FM Pro 5.5b.

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