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  1. HI All, Cyborg Sam was great in helping with my last problem so now I'm wondering if someone can help me out again. I have a database with 10 fields each of which have a drop down list of several different options. What I need to do is create a field so that I can determine how often an occurence of each type occurs. Its a little hard to explain in text so I've attached a mock up of the database. I understand that the database could have been designed better but I'm stuck with it!! Many thanks for your time. test database v4Copy.zip
  2. andrew29

    search using a variable

    HI Sam, EXCELLENT! Thats just what I needed!!! Gets me another step along the way to fixing up the mess that is called a database... Thanks again for you help, it really is appreciated
  3. andrew29

    search using a variable

    attachment test database.zip
  4. andrew29

    search using a variable

    Ok I've mocked up a sample database. The design is lacking but its an old system and I have to tinker at the edges. Let me know if i need to clarify things more. Cheers
  5. andrew29

    search using a variable

    HI Sam, I'll try and clear things up a bit. Yep I'm in FM find mode. I've created a calculation field (with the query above in it). It works fine for the query that is hard coded into it (minor works), but if I want to search for 'development' rather than 'minor works' I have to physically change the underlying query. At the moment to run the query in find mode I type a 1 (1=true I suppose) in the calculation field and the query executes. In a perfect world I'd like to just select from a drop down menu of all the possibilities (minor works, development etc) and have it execute the query relative to the selection. Unfortunately I cant attach the file, but if things still arent clear I'll mock something up and post it. Thanks again for your help.
  6. andrew29

    search using a variable

    Hi, I have a database with 5 fields that each have a drop down box with 5 different selections. (The idea is that an organisation can apply for more than one grant of the same type) What I need to be able to do it search for an organisation that has registered for a particular type. (an organisation is able to apply for multiple grants of the same type) I have constructed a search as follows: application type = "Minor works" or application type1 = "Minor works" or application type2 = "Minor works" or application type3 = "Minor works" or application type4 = "Minor works" this works fine, however, using this idea I would need to create a new calculation field for each possible selection (ie minor works, development etc). How can I create a field where what I type into the field is passed to the query. For example if I type 'development' the field would perform a search on 'development' etc All help much appreciated FileMaker Version: 5 Platform: Windows XP
  7. Hi all, I;m new in a position and need to look at enhancing a flat file style filemaker database into a relational database. I have a decent background in relational database theory and in packages such as access and a bit of oracle. Can anyone direct me to a good simple straight forward web reference on implementing relational databases in Filemaker? all help very appreciated. also how do I view posts that I have created. I cant seem to find it anywhere...
  8. andrew29

    new to filemaker

    Hi all, I'm basically new to Filemaker although I have attended a couple of courses. Anyway I have to review a database with the view of revamping it into a relational DB. I'm OK with relational DB concepts, and am busily researching implementing them in FM Pro 4.1 Can anyone direct me to good clear resources to help me get started? Especially in regard to the issues associated with relational BDs in FM Pro. Also how do I set up a database so that more than one user can access it at a time. Many Thanks

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