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  1. We just wanted to let you know that We are highlighted in the blog of this up and coming company Uniloc. http://redsky.uniloc.com/blog/?cat=1 We are using their main SoftAnchor product for FileMaker plugins for licensing and protection. They have a new product available called SoftAnchor Insight. It was previewed in boston at the Software Industry Council conference. http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/uniloc-previews-softanchor-insight-software-publisher-business-intelligence-software-industry-confer It is pretty exciting. To give you an idea of their reputation see the following: http://www.pressreleasepoint.com/crn-magazine-recognizes-uniloc-netanchor-cis-top-emerging-technology-protect-critical-infrastructure :thumbup:
  2. youseful

    Beta of TAPI plugin v2 for FileMaker

    Lee, The news has been updated on the site. We have moved to a new web host and a new website. We are still updating the content. thanks and Happy New Year! Joe M
  3. youseful

    Beta of TAPI plugin v2 for FileMaker

    Hi As many you know we are having an open beta for our latest TAPI Plugin. Download Plugin http://filemakersearch.net/download.php?f=FMTAPI.msi Download the registration program http://filemakersearch.net/download.php?f=etSetSerial.zip Run it with the command line parameter TeleTools4.0 Your 15 day trial is here. For longer periods please email support@youseful.com 4w1i-314p-ic14-8110
  4. youseful

    Beta of PDF plugin v1 for FileMaker

    It works with IP Phones. The testing was done on COMisdn. It wont work on mac OS X. TAPI is an API that is windows only. But it will be on intel mac running a copy of windows.
  5. youseful

    Beta of TAPI plugin v2 for FileMaker

    Hi Please email for the temp code. We are reviewing the registration method with our partner.
  6. youseful

    Beta of PDF plugin v1 for FileMaker

    OK Which browser were you using? Also how long did you wait for the download? The direct download URLs are here http://www.youseful.net/download/fmplugin/msi/FMTAPI.msi http://www.youseful.net/download/fmplugin/msi/FMPDF.msi http://www.youseful.net/download/fmplugin/msi/FMINI.msi thanks
  7. youseful

    Beta of TAPI plugin v2 for FileMaker

    Hi It will allow you to work the TAPI (The Telephony API) from within FileMaker.
  8. Youseful Software is conducting a beta for PDF Plugin v1. We are working with Gnostice to bring their outstanding technology to FileMaker. This is a Windows Only Beta. http://www.youseful.net/blognews/post/ANN-Beta-of-PDF-plugin-v1-for-FileMaker.aspx
  9. Youseful Software is conducting a beta for TAPI Plugin v2. We are working with Exceletel to bring their outstanding technology to FileMaker. Please email for temporary code to enable the plugin. This is a Windows Only Beta. http://www.youseful.net/blognews/post/ANN-Beta-of-TAPI-plugin-v2-for-FileMaker.aspx
  10. youseful

    Filemaker Acces from Biometric Reader

    We have built a complete solution using Verifinger that work with FileMaker. It vastly faster than the one from Productive computing. It uses proprietary algorithms. We are preparing for general release. If you want to be on the beta list please email us at support@youseful.com
  11. youseful

    Plugin for PHP Video Demo1

    Hi Our Plugin is windows centric. We are not a one plugin company. We have a few with more on the way.
  12. http://www.youseful.net/download/fmplugin/SwitchPrinter.zip Welcome to SwitchPrinter! Our exe plugin to switch printers automatically. 'Cause switching printers should be free Copyright 2007 Youseful Software www.youseful.com Version 1 Features ================================== This exe plugin allows you 1) To select records to print 2) The Printer to print to. 3) whether or not you want to show the dialog Install ============= Copy the exe plugin SwitchPrinter2.exe to the same directory as your FileMaker exe. How to Use ============================= Basically you send this exe a string made up of the following: 1) PrinterName (as shown in the Printers&Faxes folder) 2) Records to Print as a number. (0 - Records being browsed, 1 - Current Record, 2 - Blank Record) 3) Whether to Show the Printer Dialog (0 - No, 1 - Yes) This string is pipe deliminated. For example FAX|1|1 This says print to FAX/Current Record and Show the print Dialog. FileMaker has a script step called SendEvent. There is a calculation option. Basically, you build the string and add the exe plugin's name.See enclosed Demo for Details. NOTE WELL: There is a "hidden" parameter. Instead of FAX|0|1 , you would have FAX|0|1|25 . This parameter defaults to 25. If it doesn't work reliably increasing the number to 50,75,100 should help. This exe plugin will be incorporated as a base part of the forthcoming Select Printer 4. exe plugin is a trademark of Youseful Software
  13. Please fill out the survey below. We are looking forward to continuing serving the needs of the FileMaker community. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=895613867038 thank you Youseful Software
  14. Please see http://fmsearch.org/PHPPluginDemo1/index.html We are excited to offer this first video demo Joe Mele www.youseful.com
  15. youseful

    Semi Closed Beta -Plugin For PHP

    Yes this is windows only for now.

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