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    asp pages and filemaker server

    Maybe it's me; but isn't it very strange you need a client running in order to access data in the database : (I understand the server is not the place to run this client but, I really even don't want a workstation "somewhere" open and running 24 hr's a day) OR is as you described XML the way to go ? If we use XML does this eliminate the need to have this "client" running "somewhere" ? OR would a workaround be to run filemaker as a service ? and if so does anyone have the command line parameters to enable remote access end sharing ? hope someone can help thanks in advance best regards Richard
  2. Dear All, I want to use the data from a filemaker 5.5 SERVER in an ASP(x) page (through ODBC or Fmconnetor) Until now it seems that all filemaker files have to be open through some sort of client also needed to be installed on the server. It is unaceptable for our organisation to have a NT server logged on and/or a (client) application open on a server. does anyone know if my statments and finding are correct. if all is true does anyone have a workaround? thanks in advance regards Richard Stolk

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