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  1. You need to convert your "specialized" sort order into a list filemaker can interpret and sort correctly. Try a new calculation field: Case (status = "Open", 1, status = "Pending", 2, status = "Closed", 4, 3) Then sort on the calculation field.
  2. SBG

    Copying record data from one table to another

    Export from the one file and import into the other file with the Import Action set to either Update Existing Records or Update Matching Records?
  3. SBG

    I need some Help

    What I think you want is to be able to choose a type of window (Glass Order) from a drop down list and enter a qty ordered. Then have the Assembly List for that type of window updated to the correct quanities. ie. If the Assembly List for a Type A 48" x 40" Window contained: - 8 9/16" C screws - 2 20" x 20" panes of glass - 1 40" x 48" weather strip Then if a customer ordered 3 Type A 48" x 40" windows the order would print out 3 Type A 48" x 40" Windows 24 9/16" C screws 6 20" x 20" panes of glass 3 40" x 48" weather strips Is this what you are after?
  4. SBG

    refreshing summery field in a layout?

    I figured out my problem. I didnt have a portal on my layout for the relationship used in the summary field calculation. Added a portal with nothing in it to the layout and now the sum calculation updates correctly.
  5. SBG

    Filtering lookup lists

    Set the Validation options for the field Turkey_ID in tbl_Orders: Uncheck - Allow user to override check - Unique Value check - Display custom message; and enter "Sorry, this Turkey is already spoken for, please choose a different gobbler" To filter Turkeys that are spoken for you could add another filed to tbl_turkeys named Available with a default value of "Y" which would be changed to "N" if a Turkey was assigned to a customer. Then add Available = Y to your relationship between tbl_Turkey and tbl_Orders.
  6. Copy your current database to a new file, then edit new file as follows: Export any number of records to a temp file to setup the file format you want to export to and your field export order. Define a new field New1 as a calculation = Get ( RecordNumber ); Set Storage option to - Do Not Store Calculation Results Make a new script: loop ...Show All Records ...Perform Find - Specify that New1 < 251 ...Export Records - check Perform without Dialog, Specify your export order ...Delete All Records End Loop Run the script. you will have to name each file but it will export 250 records at a clip.

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