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  1. This might be a dumb question but I am trying to perform a find using a file path like this: C:Documents and SettingsDavidDesktopPDF FolderNewegg_PowerSupply.pdf and am coming up with 0 records even though there are records with this value. I tried the Trim and Quote functions but still not working. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I have a file that contains product info. In each record is a reference to a pdf file that is located in another folder. I need to be able to read through all records for a selected product and print out the corresponding pdf's but I am not sure how to go about doing it. I know I can click print when a pdf is displayed but in this solution, the printing needs to be automatic. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!
  3. We do a lot of barcode/label printing and are looking for an industrial strength printer that can handle larger (full 8.5 x 11) labels. We are currently using Dymo and Brother label printers. And while these have been adequate, we now need something a bit better. The Zebra printers look great but, to the best of my knowledge, aren't compatible with Macs.
  4. DavidTMI

    How do I go to a specific portal on a layout?

    Thanks for all your help. I had a Sort step that was causing it to return to the first portal. I specified the sort in the Portal format and it works fine now. Thanks again!
  5. DavidTMI

    How do I go to a specific portal on a layout?

    Each portal is based on a different relationship.
  6. DavidTMI

    How do I go to a specific portal on a layout?

    I just set up an If/Else If group based on script parameter. When script parameter = 3 for example, I did a Go To Field in TO TableOccur3. And that worked. But, right after that I do a Go To Portal Row (First) and it goes to the first row of the first portal. Any ideas?
  7. I have several portals on a layout and I am trying to go to a specific portal based on certain criteria. If i just use Go To Portal Row, I will get the first portal on the layout. What do I do if i want the second portal, etc. ? Thanks for your help.
  8. I have a production roll file which contains a portal to a finished roll db. from the production roll db i call a script in the finish roll db which asks for the number of finished rolls i want to create. In FM6 the script then looped through and added the appropriate number of finished rolls. In FM7 it just adds 1. when using debug, on the second time through the loop it pauses on the New Record/Request script step for a moment and then continues without adding a record. any ideas? this is driving me crazy!
  9. I am new to Applescript and I am trying to open FM7 and start an application with the following code: tell application "FileMaker Pro 7" tell database "pb-a514:Users:Dave:Desktop:MS2_Latest.fp7" activate do script "Go To Work" end tell end tell Any help is greatly appreciated! SORRY, I just got it to work with: tell application "FileMaker Pro 7" open file "PB-A514:Users:Dave:Desktop:MS2_Latest.fp7" do script "Go To Work" end tell
  10. DavidTMI

    Change Printer problem

    Do you have something that I can look at? I have been trying to change printers in FM 7 running on Mac OS X for awhile with no success. I can change the printer either in the Print Setup or an Applescript but when I perform the Print script step, it still has the previously used printer. Any idea's?B)
  11. DavidTMI

    Changing Printers Script

    Does anyone have an example of Change Printer working on a Mac in OSX? I would like to see it as I cannot get mine to work.
  12. Not sure if this helps, but Get (WindowNames) has this in the description - "Returns a list of the names of windows that are currently open. The window could be visible, hidden, or minimized. The order of the names in the list matches the current stacking order of the windows. The visible windows are listed first, then the minimized windows, then the hidden windows."
  13. DavidTMI

    Changing Printers Script

    I have been trying to get Productive Computings Change Printer plugin to work on Mac FM7 but it still doesn't. Has anyone had success with it on OS X?
  14. I have been using PerformApplescript to change printers, and this seems to be working fine(I can see the printer change in the Printer Setup Utility) but when the Print dialog comes up, it stills reverts to the previous printer. The Specify option in the Print step does not remember the printer. Any ideas? Thanks!

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