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  1. tchnp

    hiding access denied records

    Hi there, I am emailing you because I posted the same scenario in the relationship category. I was wondering if you've figured it out and willing to share what you learned. I am also working from one master db and would like to set it up so they can not see each other's records. I have passwords/groups but can't figure out how each one will only see their records. Thanks for any assistance you can give me.
  2. tchnp

    mutiple users

    Hi there, I finally gave up and decide to get some help...humm...doesn't sound healthy, but anyway. I am working on a database for one of our programs(3 sub programs). They want to keep track of expenses. I am using fp5. and I have everything set up, but I haven't (can't)figured out to keep 3 different sub programs from viewing every one elses infomations. Help

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