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  1. brucepensyl

    How to "force" a relationship?

    Could you please elaborate on this. I am not sure how I could have a unique relationship id. Thanks
  2. brucepensyl

    Monhly totals

    Thanks for the reply, but I guess I need to explain more for what I am looking for. On the form I will have 12 months listed, and in these fields I need to see the running monthly totals of miles driven in the corrisponding month. As an entry is made for a day in February the February grand total will reflect this change thus totaling all the February dates. Thanks again
  3. brucepensyl

    Monhly totals

    I would like, on a form, to be able to have running information concerning miles traveled per month, and have this visible on the form all the time. There would be twelve calculated fields and when mileage is entered in, say, January the total miles traveled would be displayed in the January field. Each time a January date is entered the miles driven will be updated in the January field. And so on for each month I can get the total miles to work, but not the individual months. Suggestions?:? Thanks
  4. brucepensyl

    log in just started

    That was it, thanks....was scared to try something for fear of having it locked forever. Backups right now
  5. brucepensyl

    log in just started

    For some reason, and a very scary time, FMP7 wanted a password from me that I never set. I am the only on using the computer and I was doing non secure work. One day it asks for user ID and password. Luckly after several tries I did Admin as my username and no password. I want to remove all requests of security when I start this file. Suggestions please
  6. brucepensyl

    color text and format question

    Thank you for the quick reply, I did try the Case function and it worked one place bet not another. I will be looking at that. Looking at the Case example you gave me, I basically understand its context. Where would I go to find out that the Proper function should go between TextColor and RGB. I was not doing it that way and trying to keep "related" items together. Where do I go for further reading on this type of thing? Thanks
  7. Constructing an inventory database. Along with all the fields that define the inventory item I have two fields to be used should the item be placed out of service. They are the "date" the item was placed out of service and the other is a comment area. Question 1 The fields in question are: Item Name and DateOOS (out of service). I wish to have the item name be set to "proper" AND change to the text to the color red IF the DateOOS is not empty. I can have the item name perform the Proper function and I can get the text color to change. I cannot get both of them to function at the same time. I am doing this all through the Auto-enter calculate window. Question 2 The item that is marked out of service by having the dateOOS field filled, must not be visible when I use the "item" field as a lookup for service reports. How do I hide these items when using the look-up? Suggestions please. Thanks
  8. I want to have the user enter search criteria through custom input fields for searches. To do a range search I ask for Date start and date end. How do I get this data into the date search field to find the correct range. Al attempts end with "O" The date field on the layout is actually a date field
  9. brucepensyl

    resume command

    Thanks I did not know that that list was differnt from the Scriptmaker list. WOW
  10. According to the help file I am able to create a button to perform as a resume buttom like that in the status area. Am I missing the step somewhere I would like to turn off (hide) the status area and be able to control scripts with buttons.
  11. brucepensyl


    For the life of me I am stumped. I want the user to press a button to add a new record to another layout. Then when completed have a choice to add another record or return to the original layout. I scripted most of it and all works, but I do not know how to loop the choice to add another record. I tried an exit loop but that did not work. Thanks all
  12. brucepensyl

    layout relationship problem

    I made the changes that you said to do. Now the reports does have more information, but the froup headder, that is the item name still does not appear. I did remove the relationship between Item ItemID and Service ItemID What have I missed?
  13. brucepensyl

    layout relationship problem

    Here is the file. Sorry I did not think of this prior
  14. brucepensyl

    layout relationship problem

    Hopefully I am in the right forum. A simple, I'm sure relationship/layout problem: I want to print a repair report on equipment. One table has information on the equipment. The other has the information on the service work. There is a one (equipment) to many (service) relationship. I utilized a key field for equipment and one for service, so equipmentID in equipment table connects to equipmentID field in service. Layout is to be grouped by item name The layout is set up selecting :item name (from equipment table) date, problem, service company (all from Service table) The report will not show the related field "item name" Layout is based on "service" When I change the "layout based on" to Equipment, th item name displays, but I loose the other data that I was able to see prior. When in the service data entry form, I utilize a drop down list for the item name and all works well. What have I missed?
  15. brucepensyl

    best place and way to store images

    I am sorry, but this is killing me. I do not get it. Sooooooo With your help this is what I have. HD/User/BEP/"then the following" Filemaker 7 resides in Application Folder My inventory file resides in Documents/Filemaker Docs The images reside in Pictures/Inventory I hope this makes it clear, or should I just put everything on a CD and start there? Oh for classes to be held in my area Thanks again

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